Special Report: Voter Fraud? Myth or Reality

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I’ve done several interviews since the November election on the subjects of voter fraud, election corruption, and the influence of Big Tech censorship. These are must-see, must-hear interviews containing important information you are not hearing from the biased mainstream media. 1. Voter Fraud: Fact vs. Fiction: My Epoch Times Interview [Video and Transcript] I just did an intense TV interview … Read More

How Pastors’ Silence Caused Trump to Possibly Lose and Biden to Possibly Win

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Call it silence. Call it indifference. Call it neglect. Across America, pastors on the Sunday before the election failed to encourage their church attendees to vote. They failed to tell their fellowship how to vote their values. They failed to tell their fellowship how to not vote against their values. I went to a megachurch on the Sunday before the … Read More

Join Me for a Private Briefing About What to Expect After the Election…

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This election is going to have historic consequences. It is going to impact not only the direction of our nation … but, much more. That’s why I have a special announcement…and invitation. You see the election will impact jobs and wages. It’s about if we have a solid economic recovery and economic growth, or not. · It is going to … Read More