How Democratic Socialist are Destroying the Cities [Must see video on San Francisco]

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Across America, socialist policies in the cities have failed. This is very self-evident in Democratic socialist ran cities. The crime. The homeless. The poverty. All are a result of a collectivist, or statist ideology…socialism. Take San Francisco. Corruption. Incompetence and failed socialist ideas have destroyed city life. Housing. Cost of living. Traffic. Services. Its failed policies and bureaucracies are destroying … Read More

The Cry of God’s People [Video]

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They are in pain. Why? Because politicians and bureaucrats have shut down 67% of all churches. In some states churches are open just like they were before the pandemic. Some states are enforcing masks or social distancing, or requiring outdoor services only. Some states are shutting down all church attendance in large gatherings. I have gone to church services – … Read More

Economic Collapse and Loss of Freedom Escalating: 4 Reasons Americans are Demanding, “We Must Open America Again – Now!” [Petition]

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Special Report Across America spontaneous protests are taking place, demanding freedom and demanding state governments open the economy again. Why? Because… The economy is in tailspin, destroying lives, jobs, and businesses. The constitutional protections for America have been ignored by local and state politicians’ overreaching authority with restrictions and attacks on people of faith. The loss of freedom in the … Read More

10 Sad Discoveries: Waste, Pork, and Socialist Corruption in the New Federal Pandemic Financial Crisis Legislation

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Special interest giveaways – the swamp – won millions of dollars while America suffered through the worst economic crisis in history. People are suffering. But the Democrat socialists held up the financial crisis legislation while playing their political games… It’s sad… disgusting…what happens in D.C. About 1/3 of the economy is destroyed… and more damage occurs daily. The economic crisis … Read More

Powerful FreedomFest Conference Outlines Road to Prosperity and Freedom Ahead [Video]

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I spoke at the FreedomFest Conference again this year. This is the 10th time I’ve been a speaker. It was great seeing so many subscribers attending. My wife, Shelly, and I talked with many of the major movers and shakers who help transform our culture and society. My wife and I had some great conversations with political commentator Dinesh D’Souza, … Read More