How The Deep State is Attacking Christianity [Video…TV/Radio Interview]

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Christianity is viciously under attack. But few people realize how the deep state is involved. In the following interview, I explain: · How the deep state is attacking religious freedom and Christianity · What the deep state is · How the media, non-profits and other organizations impact the war on Christianity · The supreme court and judges and their impact … Read More

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google: Manipulating the 2020 Election [Controversial Tucker Video – MUST see]

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Big Tech censorship is stopping free speech…censoring what you see…and manipulating the 2020 election. Only one point of view is being served. Conservative, Libertarian, and Christian news commentary and content is censored. This was highlighted by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google taking down a video representing 600 doctors disagreeing with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Democrats and Joe Biden. Our newsletter … Read More

Must-Read Book Review about My Must-Read Book!

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Lee Bellinger’s Off-Grid Confidential is a paid-subscription newsletter that focuses on sharing “web-banned strategies for greater self-reliance, freedom, and wealth” according to its masthead. Recently, the newsletter published a detailed review of my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know. It’s such a powerful book review, I wanted to share it with you… Click here to get … Read More