Balancing Fame and Faith: ‘More Christian than Baseball Player’ [Video]

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By the time you read this, the 2019 World Series will be over. It’s been a history-making series through the first 6 games. Why? Because never before in Major League Baseball history has the visiting team won the first 6 games of a 7-game series. If the Washington Nationals win game 7 in Houston, the streak of consecutive visiting-team victories … Read More

Christian Dilemma: Protecting the Forgotten Believers in Syria – Four Things You Should Know

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Christians in Syria are now facing another danger… Pastor Andrew Brunson – the American pastor who was falsely imprisoned in Turkey for 2 years – wants you to know what is happening … and how we as Christians should be praying for the situation. Recognize that President Trump is being hammered by the politicians and by the media for his … Read More

Using Children to Stir Up Climate Change Hysteria: It’s Child Abuse by Socialist Politicians and Teachers [Videos]

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It’s unconscionable… It’s child abuse… There’s no excuse for scaring vulnerable children into believing the world is going to end in 12 years … and then using them to promote a socialistic political agenda… But that’s what’s happening. The socialist politicians and so-called journalists should be ashamed of themselves. So should the public schools that are teaching climate change alarmism … Read More

College Football Quarterback Credits God with His Success [Video]

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He’s a lowly college freshman… Most college freshmen are looked down upon by upperclassmen… But not Bo Nix… He’s the starting quarterback for the Auburn Tigers … and he credits God with his success. He wears a white wristband during football games that reads “Humble Over Hype.” “It reminds you to stay humble because there’s a lot of hype around … Read More

30 Years of Harvest Crusades: Over Half a Million Lives Changed [Video]

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The stadium was packed Sunday night, August 25th for the last night of SoCal Harvest 2019 – the 30th annual southern California Harvest Crusade. Thousands worshipped with the Newsboys, Phil Wickham and Chris Tomlin. They heard Hall-of-Fame major league baseball player Daryl Strawberry share his testimony of how Jesus Christ rescued him from drug and alcohol addiction and transformed his … Read More

Number One Target of the Socialists: What Shelly and I Said to Vice President Mike Pence [Picture]

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Recently Shelly and I had the honor of meeting with Vice President Mike Pence. During our brief meeting, I reminded Vice President Pence about our meeting 4 years ago in Newport Beach … where I told him I was a Christian first, a father and husband next, and a Republican third – in that order. I repeated that statement … … Read More