Rand Paul and Others Face Beating and Death by Ideologically Driven Mob [Must See Video]

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They yelled…hate. They yelled…bigots. At the end of President Trump’s White House acceptance of his nomination for President, invited guests and Congressional leaders left the White House. Little did they know, there was an organized, well-financed group of people designed to harass, agitate, and create chaos. The police were overwhelmed. One of these at the event was Senator Rand Paul. … Read More

Wildfires Explode: 9 Myths, Distortions, and Lies by the Media and Politicians [Video]

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Tucker video on escalating violence The West is seeing historic, deadly fires. These massive fires are exploding. But you’re not being told why…and that they can be prevented. It’s a nightmare…homes, businesses and churches burnt to the ground. People are dying. Beautiful and historic areas are torched. Why? It’s not a mystery. But you’re not being told the truth. Google, … Read More

Pastor Jack Hibbs: Speaks uncomfortable truth, powerful insights and the gospel to Candice Owens [video]

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Candice Owens is a lightning rod. And so is pastor Jack Hibbs. Not long ago I wrote about Jack’s church service Shelly and I went to… “Illegally”. Click to read it here. The 46-minute video is powerful, encouraging and filled with hope… it exposes the hypocrisy, lies, and evil being proclaimed today as justice, truth and good. Watch it here. … Read More

The Cry of God’s People [Video]

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They are in pain. Why? Because politicians and bureaucrats have shut down 67% of all churches. In some states churches are open just like they were before the pandemic. Some states are enforcing masks or social distancing, or requiring outdoor services only. Some states are shutting down all church attendance in large gatherings. I have gone to church services – … Read More

Horrific Unseen Consequences: Poverty Spikes Worldwide – It’s on the Rise Everywhere

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It’s not because of war. It’s not because of socialism. It’s not because of capitalism. Poverty is on the rise because of government shutdowns over the coronavirus. In the U.S., we know the businesses that have been shut down, the jobs that have been lost. The economic consequences that have been felt are horrific. Because of the free enterprise system, … Read More

Powerful Reader Letter: How the Voter Guide Helped Them Vote for and Not Against Their Values in 2020 for District Attorneys, Judges, and Candidates

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I got this letter from a reader and had to share it with you. It is powerful – read what it says… Craig- I sent your Election Voters Guide to everyone I could think of, including my two children (son, 29 and daughter 27). When they turned 18, a form to register to vote was on their breakfast bowl. They … Read More