How You Can Still Meet with Your Congregation, Virtually…

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We are in unprecedented times.  Your church has most likely been affected by what is going on with the Coronavirus.  Many American churches are now looking at ways they can be streaming their weekly services in order to be able to “meet” virtually.   Public health officials have warned against large gatherings such as church services to limit the spread of … Read More

Where was God in the Tennessee Tornado: Shocking Responses of the Victims [Video]

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The media newsman was shocked – and he shocked the TV hosts and the audience. Here are 5 things you should know about the tragic Tennessee tornados: 1. Every single person mentioned God. CBS news correspondent David Begnaud spent several days looking at the destruction and death caused by the six tornados that created a horror story for thousands of … Read More

Warning: 10 Disturbing Facts About Coronavirus, Socialism and Your Health

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It’s like a strange apoplectic movie… It’s a deadly, fast-spreading disease… It’s causing an inhumane, repressive reaction of oppression, coercion, and terror from socialist dictators … and a tangled web of lies, cover ups, and myths. Tragically, it’s turning the world upside down. In just a few months Coronavirus has surpassed the global death total of the SARS epidemic in … Read More

Kobe: Death and Tears – 7 Things You Should Know [Video]

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Kobe Bryant’s death brought shock, tears, and mourning to millions. Here are 7 things you should know: Millions mourn worldwide. Kobe touched millions of lives. His dedication to be the very best… his “family first” image… his excellence on the court all left a huge impact. Sadly, many made him an invincible idol. Many held Kobe up as an idol … Read More

Special Report: War with Iran … Will it Happen? 15 Things Every Christian Should Know

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Iran is one of several countries where a war could erupt at any time… It wouldn’t be logical. It would be ideological and religious. Here are 15 things every Christian should know. Be sure to read #14 about the church in Iran. 1. General Qassem Soleimani killed by a targeted military strike because he was a terrorist mastermind. He was … Read More