Shocking: Cuban Pastor Sentenced to 1-Year Heavy Labor for Homeschooling His Children [Video]

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Fans of socialism and communism, take note. An evangelical pastor in Cuba has been sentenced to a year of hard labor and house arrest for insisting his children be homeschooled. You can’t defy a communist government that knows what’s best for you. Pastor Ramon Rigal of Iglesia de Dios in Cristo, said his decision to take his children out of … Read More

Amazing! How Home Churches Are Multiplying in “Atheist” Country

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Amazing! How Home Churches Are Multiplying in “Atheist” Country

I had the honor and privilege of delivering two Sunday morning sermons to home churches in Cuba. That’s right: home churches … not just Bible studies! There’s only a few “official” churches in Cuba, all of which were in existence prior to Fidel Castro’s takeover 1959. It’s been illegal to build a church since then … and of course spreading … Read More