Coronavirus: Bible Sales Spike 60% – And, More

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Bible sales are up 60% since the pandemic hit. Some Bible companies said sales rose 143% from last year. People are looking for hope: Livestream church services – booming Christian radio – booming Christian TV – booming Google search on pandemic Even in the media, TV Guests are preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. And, this is worldwide. Let’s … Read More


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Finally, there are a lot of amazing stories about people giving glory to God in the midst of the devastating impact of the Coronavirus on their lives. Here is a unique one. It’s a woman who was pregnant and went into a coma because of the Coronavirus. She woke up and her stomach was flat. You have got to watch … Read More

Churches and Ministry Donations Crushed: Finally Amazing Solution Despite Political and Media Outrage

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Churches across America have found that their financial budgets have collapsed. They’ve been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Financially, people are holding back. Not physically being in church, people aren’t donating and contributing … and many aren’t even tithing. Churches aren’t the only ones hit hard by this. Christian organizations that are reaching out to the broken and the … Read More

World Health Organization: Corruption, Deceit, and Lies – 4 Shocking Realities that Impact Americans [Petition and Video]

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The news media treat the United Nations World Health Organization as the number one authority on health. So do the politicians. So do people on social media. Bu they are wrong. Here are 7 shocking things you should know about the corruption, deceit, and lies of the World Health Organization: 1. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a public relations … Read More

Socialist: Christians Responsible for Spread of the American Coronavirus Pandemic [Road to Hell Paved by Evangelicals]

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Did Christians fuel the COVID-19 pandemic in America? According to a New York Times op-ed, “The Road to Coronavirus Hell was Paved by Evangelicals,” they did. Why? Because Trump surrounds himself with evangelicals and their “anti-science” attitudes. The article follows the attack Vice President Mike Pence received for praying at the President’s Coronavirus task force meeting. (See the article, “Prayer? … Read More

Nashville Singers’ Rendition of “It Is Well with My Soul” via Cell Phone! Video]

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The Coronavirus pandemic is confining everyone to their homes until at least April 30th… Some are unable to work during their quarantine … while others are able to work from home… But what if your job is as a studio background vocalist? Nashville, Tennessee has a deep talent pool when it comes to singers. Some have sung background for the … Read More

The End of Coronavirus Pandemic Fear? [Video]

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It may seem like a miracle. Private companies and researchers have quickly been developing both vaccinations and cures for the Coronavirus. And the FDA is finally getting out of the way – it’s the number one stumbling block to innovation of new cures. My Washington contacts tell me the speed of development of a multitude of new cures will shock … Read More