Disturbing Race-Baiting: CNN Host Angrily Attacks Black Pastor for Meeting with President Trump [Video]

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Pastor Bill Owens was treated viciously by CNN host Don Lemon in a recent live TV interview… Why? Because Pastor Owens – a black pastor – met with President Trump in the White House … and didn’t attack the president and call him a racist. President Trump met with over 20 black pastors to discuss key ways to help the … Read More

Unraveling: Even CNN Liberals Now Saying FBI/CIA/NSA Deep State Bias Against Trump “Disturbing” [surprising video]

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The media lie is crumbling… The truth about the corruption at the top leadership levels of the FBI and other intelligence agencies is being recognized now – even by CNN. Criticism by President Trump and other conservatives of the politicization and abuse of power of the FBI and other intelligence agencies has been mocked by CNN and other liberal news … Read More