It’s Not About Climate Change: The Destructive Government Takeover of the Green New Deal [Video]

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Don’t be deceived by the “Green New Deal.” Your family and friends are being misled: By the mainstream news media By social media By socialist politicians They’re not telling you the truth about the Green New Deal. You see, it’s not about combating climate change. It never has been… It’s about giving the federal government complete control over: energy production … Read More

Deep State Bureaucratic Fraud: 4 Disturbing Facts about the Climate Report You’re Not Being Told [Videos]

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Death and destruction ahead, says the new White House climate report.   The biased media, Facebook and the press made this wild and unsubstantiated prediction their number one story…   They failed to say that Deep State bureaucrats from the Obama administration – not the White House – wrote the report and made the shocking claims.   Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex … Read More

Global Warming and Hurricanes: Shocking Distortion of Truth and Reality [Video]

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The media, politicians and social media are blaming global warming for Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Like a Hollywood movie, a villain is needed for every catastrophe. Why not climate change? Man’s modernization of the planet is at fault. Too much carbon, too many factories, too much pollution. Too many people! To blame any hurricane on global warming is scientifically and … Read More