6 Things Every Christian Should Know About the 18 States Still Trampling on Christian Rights and Churches’ Constitutional Freedom [California’s and Other States’ Democratic Mockery]

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Special Report Here are 6 things every Christian should know about the 18 states that are still trampling on our Christian and constitutional rights. Churches have been closed and they have been treated unequally and discriminated against. Every pastor and church leadership team wants everyone coming to their church to be safe. But from the start, churches have been discriminated … Read More

Praise God!!! Going Back to Church Again – What I Experienced

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This last Sunday, I went to church again – Praise God!! Across America, churches are opening again. There is no science or data for churches to stay closed. There is no constitutional exception for churches to stay closed.  There is no reason for churches to stay closed. Only power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats with a prosocial; control ideology want to keep … Read More

Should Christians and Pastors Obey or Disobey Unfair Laws [Romans 13 and Shutting Down Churches]

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Across America, pastors are disobeying the law and opening up their churches. And across America, Christians are disobeying laws to have home Bible studies to minister to the broken and hurting. And yes, to attend church. Some have said to me that disobeying government orders to shut down Sunday church services and other gatherings of believers is a violation of … Read More

The Number One Mistake Pastors Make in Online Worship Services

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Across America – across the world – millions of people are watching church services online. Many churches have found that they have actually had an increase in people listening to their online services. But for most churches, the people listening are the same people who normally would attend their live service. When the pandemic is over, online listening of church … Read More

Churches and Ministry Donations Crushed: Finally Amazing Solution Despite Political and Media Outrage

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Churches across America have found that their financial budgets have collapsed. They’ve been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Financially, people are holding back. Not physically being in church, people aren’t donating and contributing … and many aren’t even tithing. Churches aren’t the only ones hit hard by this. Christian organizations that are reaching out to the broken and the … Read More

Egyptian Churches Genocide: Shameful Media Distortion

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Islamic terrorists are committing genocide against Christians in the Middle East, including Egypt. During Easter, the Egypt Coptic church closed many services, opting to hold small private worship services. Other churches were filled and overflowing, sending a message of the Resurrection power of Christ. Even at St. Marks that was bombed in Alexandria soared after the bombing, as worshipers defied … Read More

Upcoming Election Forums and Sunday Morning Worship Services – Don’t Miss Them!

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Upcoming Election Forums and Sunday Morning Worship Services - Don't Miss Them!

Upcoming Election Forums and Sunday Morning Worship Services–Don’t Miss Them! It’s time to vote for—not against—your values. For readers in the Southern California area—or if you know someone who lives there—we have scheduled numerous Election Forum talks (and more to come) this year. I will also be delivering my Sunday Morning worship sermon: “Hope When Your World is Upside Down” … Read More