Religious Freedom and the Coronavirus Restrictions on Churches: 3 Surprising Things You Should Know

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In “lockdown” states – like California and Illinois, churches are seeing theirministries crushed and severely restricted.Here are 3 surprising things you should know: The Great Divide: Churches Back to Normal in Most States – face masks, lockdowns in some states. There is a great divide in America. It’s between the free States and the “Lockdown” or slave states. In Tennessee, … Read More

Faith Over Fear, God Over Man: A Call For All Churches to Open Up and Have Indoor Services on October 25, 2020 – “Freedom Sunday” [Watch the video here]

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One of the most powerful conferences I have ever seen was held by Pastor Jack Hibbs, in which he announced “Freedom Sunday.” He had as his speakers: Tony Perkins Pastor Chan Pastor Amado Huizar Dr. John MacArthur Dr. Albert Mohler Eric Metaxas Pastor Rob McCoy … And more powerful speakers Every Christian should watch. Every pastor and church leader must … Read More

Pastor John McArthur Defies Government Orders: Judge Denies Government Request to Close Inside Church Services. McArthur Pleads Pastor to Help [2 Things You Should Know

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Pastor John McArthur is standing firm! · Not Bowing to Caesar · Not bowing to culture · Not bowing to irrational fears 7,000 people packed Pastor John McArthur’s church service on Sunday… The science and data say open up. And he has. Here are 2 things You Should Know: 1). Governor Newsom and the LA county and city want McArthur … Read More