Judicial Tyranny! Biased Judicial Activist Orders Pastor John McArthur to Close Church Services: 8 Shocking Things Everyone Should Know

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A judicial activist told Dr. John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in California to shut down his church services. Here are 8 shocking things you should know: Shocker #1: Dr. John MacArthur has held inside church services since July. Similar to churches across America, Dr. John McArthur held packed-out church services several times last Sunday. But in California and a … Read More

Pastor Greg Laurie: A Rush of Hope Is Coming Straight To You [Video]

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It’s only days away… Since 1990 over 7.9 million people have attended the Harvest Crusades around the world. It’s been called one of the largest presentations of the gospel in U.S. History. 506,644 individuals have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. I’ve been to the first Crusade-and almost everyone since. But because of the Pandemic, this one is not allowed … Read More

Pastor John MacArthur Drama Explodes, “The Government Wants to Shut Us Down”

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Pastor John MacArthur stood firm. He ignored the judges. He ignored the California Governor. He ignored the Los Angeles County’s war on the church. The government unconstitutionally threatened Pastor John and the church attendees with jail and fines and more. Pastor MacArthur told the applauding fellowship, “we are having church. We are not meeting to be rebellious. We are meeting … Read More