Will I See You at Your Church: What Every Church Should Now Do

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The June primary election is fast approaching. Primary elections are extremely important… Why? Because in some states – California is one of them – for statewide elected offices, only the 2 candidates receiving the most votes in the primary election are placed on the ballot for the general election in November. When voter turnout is very low in the primary … Read More

Church Terrorized? Bloody Carnage at a Sunday Worship Service [video]

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No Christian goes to a church service on Sunday morning and expects to be attacked, shot, or even killed. But unfortunately, as we see persecution of Christians on the rise in America, we need to consider how to be prepared for anything. Attacks against churches are rising. Consider the following incident, which happened just this past weekend: It was a … Read More

Funny But too True: The Shallow Small Group

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One of the greatest areas for personal and church growth are small groups. They are great places to discover the depth of God’s Word, have powerful prayer, minister and reach out to the community and more. But too often, small groups are…well, shallow. Watch this funny, but true video, about 2 minutes. What do you think? Email me at craig@electionforum.org