Kanye West: 4 Things to Know about His ‘Sunday Service’ Gospel Concerts [Video]

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A gospel concert every Sunday morning. For the past year I’ve been hearing about a unique church service on property owned by Kanye West… It’s a state-of-the-art gospel music-lover’s dream! It’s by invitation only… Christians and non-Christians come to hear a 2-hour gospel concert … No teaching … No preaching … just music glorifying Jesus Christ. The media is talking … Read More

Election Surprise! Evangelicals Help Elect Catholic President in Brazil

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Brazil has faced severe political, social and economic problems in recent years: Their president was impeached and removed from office in 2016. The nation has been in economic decline. Government corruption has been rampant. Crime has been increasing. The many frustrations with the government energized voters for the recent presidential election – especially evangelicals, who make up 20% of the … Read More

Looking Ahead: I’m Available to Speak at Your Church

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I’ve been asked to speak in the coming weeks to a variety of groups on a variety of topics, such as: How the 2018 midterm election will affect individuals, families and businesses over the next 2 years What constitutes a worldview, and how worldviews affect political beliefs How to Vote For – not Against – Your Values I often speak … Read More

In case you missed it…

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I recently gave the message at the Sunday morning worship service at Calvary Chapel Montebello. The title of my message was “Hope in a World Turned Upside Down.” This was just 5 days after my son was shot 5 times by 3 gang bangers in a robbery attempt. Here are a couple of comments from attendees: “Thank you for your … Read More

Will I See You at Your Church: What Every Church Should Now Do

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The June primary election is fast approaching. Primary elections are extremely important… Why? Because in some states – California is one of them – for statewide elected offices, only the 2 candidates receiving the most votes in the primary election are placed on the ballot for the general election in November. When voter turnout is very low in the primary … Read More