I Illegally Went to Church on Sunday: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know

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It was illegal, but my wife and I went to church anyway. Would we be arrested? Would we be fined? Would we be intimidated? These were a few of the concerns as we went to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Church service. We also went to a live service in Tennessee about 4 weeks ago.  But, in some states, including California, … Read More

Praise God!!! Going Back to Church Again – What I Experienced

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This last Sunday, I went to church again – Praise God!! Across America, churches are opening again. There is no science or data for churches to stay closed. There is no constitutional exception for churches to stay closed.  There is no reason for churches to stay closed. Only power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats with a prosocial; control ideology want to keep … Read More

Church Attendance in Decline—Why?

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Church Attendance in Decline—Why?

Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives (SAGE Cons) are noticing a disturbing trend. Church attendance is plummeting in America. 93% of them realize that fewer people are going to church. In 2010, 52% of adults regularly attended church. In 2016, that number plummeted to 35% What about those who have not attended a church service at all in the last six … Read More