Justin Bieber: Understanding God’s Grace [Video]

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Justin Bieber is not ashamed of the gospel… He has been proclaiming openly how Jesus saved him from darkness and transformed his life. “I was just living in this shame, living in all this sort of stuff in my past and I wasn’t able to move on,” he said. “… [Now] the way I look at my relationship with God … Read More

Recycling Grace: Grace and Mercy Triumph Over Mistakes and Judgment [Videos]

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He’s best known for playing Bo Duke of the TV action-comedy series Dukes of Hazzard … which ran from January 1979 to February 1985. But he’s also a country music singer … and a Christian. John Schneider recently released his first country blues gospel album, Recycling Grace. He explains what he means by “recycling grace” this way: “To me, recycling … Read More

The Deep State War on Christianity: Little-Known Attacks by Bureaucrats [Audio]

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The Deep State is a loosely organized coalition of both elected and unelected local, state and federal government – and even non-government – career employees who are politically motivated and ideologically driven to: Expand the scope and reach of government authority Increase the number of government regulations Preserve and Increase government power Grow the size of the bureaucratic/administrative state The … Read More

Shocker: 40% of Democrats Say Christians Have a Negative Impact on Society

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The number of Americans who believe churches, religious groups and individual Christians are having a negative impact on American society is skyrocketing. In 2017, 50% of Democrats – and those Democrats leaning toward socialism – believed Christians were having a positive effect on society… Today it’s only 38% … and 40% of Democrats say churches and religious groups impact society … Read More

Balancing Fame and Faith: ‘More Christian than Baseball Player’ [Video]

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By the time you read this, the 2019 World Series will be over. It’s been a history-making series through the first 6 games. Why? Because never before in Major League Baseball history has the visiting team won the first 6 games of a 7-game series. If the Washington Nationals win game 7 in Houston, the streak of consecutive visiting-team victories … Read More

“It’s Like a War Zone:” Churches and Christians First to Help Hurricane Dorian Victims in the Bahamas [Audio]

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Horrific death… Unbelievable destruction… And it was Christians who were among the first to help the victims. Hurricane Dorian stopped and hovered over the islands for nearly 2 days … with 185 mile-per-hour winds … and gusts of 225 miles-per-hour… It created a storm surge of 24 feet … on islands that are scarcely more than that in elevation. I’ve … Read More

Song of Hope: Christ is Our Courage When We Worry in the Dead of Night [Video]

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From working together in a Starbucks coffee shop in Mesquite, Texas – and singing to customers – co-founders of The Afters Joshua Havens and Matt Fuqua now write and sing great worship songs. Now on their 6th album, Fear No More, comes a song encouraging people suffering from anxiety and depression to find refuge, peace and comfort in the “all-consuming … Read More