Shocker: Two Christian Leaders Rattle Evangelical Community: 8 Biblical Principles Every Christian Should Know [Videos]

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It’s devastating when you hear of a pastor or other Christian leader turning his back on Christianity and rejecting the God he or she has trusted in and worshipped for many years. Recently, two prominent Christian leaders have declared they are no longer Christians: Author and former Maryland pastor Joshua Harris announced that he is separating from his wife and … Read More

The Battle Over Feelings vs. Truth: The #1 Christian Trap

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In a recent survey, 60% of Americans agreed with this statement: “Religious belief is a matter of personal opinion; it is not about objective truth.”   Of the remaining 40% of survey respondents: 30% disagreed with the statement 10% said they weren’t sure   Regular church goers were more evenly split: 45% agreed that religious belief is opinion-based, not truth-based … Read More

The Decline of Christianity: 15 Shocking Facts Every Christian Should Know

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If Christians suddenly discovered a permanent, lifetime cure for cancer … would they have a responsibility to share it with the world? Of course they would … Keeping it to themselves would be unforgivable. But as Christians, we have something much greater than a cure for cancer… We have for cancer patients We have the only available cure for … Read More

The New Congress: Their Own Personal Religious Beliefs

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The New Congress: Their Own Personal Religious Beliefs

Which religious beliefs does your Congressman have? Since 1961, when Congress started keeping records of Congressional members’ religious beliefs, the number of Protestants have diminished and the number of Catholics have surged. Only one Congresswoman, Krysten Sinema, is listed as “atheist” or unaffiliated, even though 23% of the public consider themselves “None” or unaffiliated with any particular religion. Here’s the … Read More