Christian Persecution: What I Learned at the State Department’s Historic World Conference – that the Media Ignored

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I just got back from Washington D.C. where I attended the largest conference in the world for human rights. Last year, I attended the State Department’s first ministerial on religious freedom. I was excited to be invited back to the second conference with over 1,000 leaders from over 100 countries. Shelly and I sat through one of the most important … Read More

The Battle Over Feelings vs. Truth: The #1 Christian Trap

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In a recent survey, 60% of Americans agreed with this statement: “Religious belief is a matter of personal opinion; it is not about objective truth.”   Of the remaining 40% of survey respondents: 30% disagreed with the statement 10% said they weren’t sure   Regular church goers were more evenly split: 45% agreed that religious belief is opinion-based, not truth-based … Read More

Will I Be at Your Church or Group?

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I just finished a talk at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, the Republican Women Federated Club, and Eagle Forum. Plus, I just spoke to the Huntington Valley Baptist Church. We had great crowds at all these events. I’d love to help inform, mobilize and energize your church or group. Here are Shelly’s and my current topics: Sunday Morning Worship Service How … Read More

7 Critical Things to Know About a Christian Worldview and Politics

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In my Sunday morning worship services, midweek service studies and organizational talks, I will often talk about the importance of having a Christian worldview. What is it? Let’s take a brief look: Your foundation. A Christian worldview must be based on Scripture, and not people’s opinion. Scripture is absolute. Peoples opinion changes. A Christian worldview is seeing the world based … Read More