Hollywood and Social Media Attack Christian Film The Reliant: That’s Why You Need to See It Now [Video]

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“Crazy Right-Wing Movie Trailer is NUTS” screams one social media movie review headline. “Ex-Hercules Stars in Bonkers Trailer,” says the title bar in all capital letters underneath video of a trailer clip. The Reliant stars Kevin Sorbo – who played Hercules in the TV series – Brian Bosworth, Eric Roberts and Mollee Gray. Rarely has a faith-based film received so … Read More

Overcomer Exceeds All Expectations with $8.2 Million Opening Weekend [Videos]

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The Christian film Overcomer had an impressive opening weekend on August 23rd through August 25th. It’s $8.2 million in box office revenue placed it number 3 for the weekend – despite showing on only 1,723 screens nationwide. What many people don’t realize is that most faith-based films typically open on a limited number of screens the first weekend. If the … Read More

Top 10 Christian Movies of 2018: Did You See Them?

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I often talk about great Christian movies that are released to theaters. In 2018 there were several good ones. One of the most interesting movie awards shows is the Movieguide Faith and Values Awards ceremony. It’s an annual award ceremony for Christian and family-friendly entertainment that’s held every year in Hollywood around the same time as the Academy Awards. It’s … Read More