False Gospel: Liberal Ministers Speak Erroneously for the Body of Christ

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Almost 3,000 liberal “social gospel” cult and occult ministers marched against Trump and White Supremacy in Washington D.C. The demonstration drew many more participants than originally anticipated, as it was called “One Thousand Ministers March for Justice.” Protesters openly called for the impeachment of the President. One protester carried a sign that said, “Repeal and Replace Trump Pence.” The march … Read More

The Case for Christ: Top 10 Box Office!

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The Christian film “The Case for Christ” tells the story of apologist/author Lee Strobel. The atheist-turned-Christian makes a powerful case for Christ. The first week out the film grossed $3,900,000 from 1,174 movie theaters, coming in #10. You can see the trailer here. Click here. You can see where the movie is showing here. Click here. Did you see the … Read More