The Media Isn’t Telling You the Truth about How the Deep State Is Hurting You and Your Family

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  The media isn’t telling you the truth about how the Deep State is hurting you and your family.   The Deep State seems to be confusing to most people I talk to.   Whether I’m on the radio or TV … speaking at a group … or one on one … there’s a lot of misunderstanding and purposeful confusion … Read More

Fact or Fiction: Will Tax Reform Help … or Hurt You?

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Don’t believe the social and mainstream media’s liberal-driven agenda denouncing President Trump’s tax reform plan. It is fiction. Once more the progressive pro-socialistic politicians and media are portraying tax cuts as only benefiting the rich. Here is the true fact: These tax reforms will benefit everyone. Let’s look at the reality. First, it puts more money in your pocket … … Read More

Government Bureaucracy: Killing Patients, Not Saving Lives

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Government Bureaucracy: Killing Patients, Not Saving Lives

Parents want the best for their kids, especially when they’re sick. Sometimes these kids have rare yet very debilitating, even deadly diseases. New cures, and experimental drugs exist which can help. Even if the parents or the drug companies can’t know for sure if a new drug will work or have certain side-effects, Yet in the United States, they face … Read More