Evolutionary Brainwashing at the Natural History Museum … and in Schools

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My wife and I recently went to Washington D.C. for a meeting with President Trump. During that trip, we decided to go to some of the museums in the area. Recently, $110 million was spent to refurbish the Natural History Museum with new exhibits and a complete renovation. We were excited. Unfortunately, down every hallway, evolution – Darwinism – was … Read More

Shocking: Brainwashing Our Kids in the Schools [Shocking Videos]

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Over the years I’ve discussed how the government-run schools have been indoctrination centers … brainwashing children in progressive ideology … progressive politics … socialism … humanism … and much more. The teachers take the lead in proselytizing students … not only in history and in government classes … but English, Science, Math and more have been weaponized against the kids, … Read More