UNICEF Uses Your Tax Dollars to Promote Political Propaganda and Open Borders: 5 Disturbing Facts You Should Know [Video and Petition]

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UNICEF is supposed to be helping children… But instead, it’s spreading falsehoods and promoting anti-border-protection propaganda. It’s offensive to those who want to secure and protect our borders and our national sovereignty. It’s offensive to taxpayers who are paying for this anti-American propaganda. Here are 5 disturbing facts about UNICEF you should know: UNICEF is running a political ad advocating … Read More

12 Must-Know Facts Every Christian Must Know about the “Government Shutdown” Over Border Security [Video]

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The current government shutdown is not the first of its kind in recent U.S. history… there have been 18 shutdowns since 1976. But this shutdown may be the first of its kind that has been mischaracterized by omitting the descriptive word “partial.” It’s a partial government shutdown. Here are 12 facts you should know about the causes and the effects … Read More