Persecuted Pakistani Christian Mom is Free Thanks to Your Prayers … but Still Faces Death Threat from Radical Muslim [Video]

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It’s very dangerous to profess Christian faith in Pakistan. Asia Bibi – mother of 5 children – did so in 2009 … and was accused of blaspheming the Muslim prophet Muhammad. In 2010 she was convicted of violating Pakistan’s blasphemy laws – and was sentenced to death. Christians around the world began praying … and after 8 years of prayer … Read More

Pray for Asia Bibi! (and the Persecuted Pakistani Church)

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Pray for Asia Bibi! (and the Persecuted Pakistani Church)

Christian Persecution is a widespread, worldwide reality. In Pakistan, it’s especially cruel, where Christians are a heavily persecuted minority. One Christian woman—Asia Bibi—faces the death penalty. For what? Nothing more than blasphemy against Islam. She was charged with this “crime” (heinous offense according to Sharia Law) in 2009, then sentenced to death in 2010. She has appealed this decision for … Read More