Anti-Semitism Exploding in America: What Every Christian Should Know

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There is no denying that an alarming rise in anti-Semitism is taking place in the U.S. There’s no disagreement about that. There is a dispute, however, over what’s causing it. Progressive politicians and their progressive media “cheerleaders” blame President Trump… They blame his rhetoric … and they even go so far as to accuse him of being anti-Semitic himself. Here’s … Read More

The Escalation of Hatred and Violence in America: 6 Disturbing Trends, One Solution

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American society today seems to be progressing rapidly into a culture of hatred, violence, and destruction of values, morals … and even lives. Instead of having respectful discussions and civil debate about differences of political and religious beliefs, we’ve seen: A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter attempt to assassinate Republican congressmen on a baseball field A deranged President Trump supporter send … Read More

7 Shocking Revelations You Must Know About Israel, the UN, and Christians

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7 Shocking Revelations You Must Know About Israel, the UN, and Christians

In the next 100 days, President Trump must reverse terrible harm waged against Israel by the previous administration. President Obama’s decision to allow the UN to condemn Israel’s settlements in the West Bank is creating more problems, terrorism, and death. Here are 7 Shocking realities every Christian should know about what’s happening in Israel. The Obama Administration betrayed Israel. When … Read More