5 Disturbing Poll Results: The Quick Decline of America Into Moral Relativism [How would you vote?]

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On moral issues, Americans are shifting quickly to greater moral relativism. Since the early 2000s, Gallup has annually tracked the views of Americans on the moral acceptability of various attitudes and behaviors. The overall trend is disturbing…it clearly points to higher levels of acceptance of behaviors the Bible clearly condemns. Below are some of the results of the latest survey… … Read More

The need to Unite in a Time of Division: Anger rages among many

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Americans are divided across religious, racial, economical segments. Even families and friends are torn apart. The only things that can unite us is love…Gods agape love…Gods unfailing, never ending love. And what we can do as Christians is to reflect His love. To the hurting. To the broken. And yes, even to those who hate us. And we can pray. … Read More

America’s 12% Education Factor: Destroying America’s Future

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America’s 12% Education Factor: Destroying America’s Future

American education is turning into an indoctrination center. At the college level, universities hire professors based on their political ideology alone. Nothing to do with their skills or their breadth of knowledge or research. And none of it is in the best interests of the students. Today, only 12% of professors in American universities identify as center-right in their political … Read More