Outlaw the Bible? Your help is needed today.

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Your help is urgently needed today. AB 9243- the dangerous bill that makes it illegal for Christians in California to offer Biblical therapy or counseling to homosexuals- will be put up in August for the State Senate to vote on. AB 2943 could lead to more horrific violations of the rights of Christians, including the outlaw of the sale of … Read More

‘Ban the Bible’ Bill Update [Petition]

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Across America, progressives are waiting to see if California will pass the “Ban the Bible” bill. California Assembly Bill 2943 (AB2943) makes “advertising, offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual” a fraudulent business practice – subject to fines and penalties. The meaning of “sexual orientation change efforts” is defined as: “any practices that … Read More

Hopelessly Trapped

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Special Report Note: My wife Shelly wrote this critical update from her trip to Sacramento. If you live outside California, this is coming to your state. This is about the “Ban the Bible” bill AB 2943 that outlaws books, seminars and therapy for a fee on overcoming same sex attraction or gender confusion. The bill passed the committee hearing – … Read More

Banning Christian Counseling Books — Maybe Even the Bible: 7 Shocking Facts [Videos and Petition]

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The progressives across the U.S. are supporting a shocking bill about to be passed in California… I need your help to defeat it – whether you’re a California or a non-California subscriber. Its focus is stopping Christians from “fraudulently” talking about same-sex attraction and gender confusion. The bill in California is AB 2943. If it passes in California, other states … Read More