Heartbeat Away: 13 Surprising Things Every Christian Should Know About the Pence/Harris Debate … and their Race [Powerful Franklin Graham March Video]

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Vice President Mike Pence and California Senator Kamala Harris recently had the most important debate of their lives… It was also the most important exposure of the two people who could become President of the United States. Here are 13 surprising things every Christian should know: 1. The vice president pick for 2020 is historic. Every vice president is important… … Read More

2020 Election Countdown: Watch My Interview with Pastor Todd Coconato Regarding My New Book and the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime [Video]

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Last week I did an interview with Pastor Todd Coconato on his podcast. This 31-minute discussion covers: President Trump’s Coronavirus infection Vote-by-mail and what you should do The attempted manipulation of the election by Big Tech companies The non-negotiables every person should consider before voting And why I wrote my new book, The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, … Read More

Election 2020: What will happen if Christians don’t know this?

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We’re headed towards some losses in the 2020 election: The loss of religious freedom The loss of Biblical values Even the loss of some constitutional rights If you thought things were already bad, you have no idea what’s coming. With the election of radical, far-left candidates, we could face the reversal of the pro-freedom, pro-Christian policies that President Trump has … Read More