While the Church is Asleep: How the 2018 Elections Will Be Transformational

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The 2018 mid-term elections are going to be ignored by most… But they’re not being ignored by those who want to transform our country into a socialist, anti-family, pro-Big Government society. The 2018 elections for state legislatures, governors and judges will be transformational. Why? Because of redistricting. You see, President Obama said it best: “Redistricting has the potential to be … Read More

How You Can Make a Difference in This Critical Turning Point in American History

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You know the truth: Our culture has been heading in the wrong direction. Christians experience unfair violations of religious freedom, and it continues. The media, the education system, and the Deep State fight to make our future worse. It’s terrifying. We see politics that threaten to persecute us as followers of Christ. We have our values mocked. Our social and … Read More