Christians on Social Media: How Many Share their Faith?

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A recent survey called “Spiritual Conversation in the Digital Age” – which included both Christians and non-Christians – yielded some interesting results:

  • About 88% of the Christians surveyed said they share their faith online with both non-believers and other believers. (This includes social media, email, blog posts and posts on other web sites.)
  • 28% of Christians said they’ve shared their faith with non-believers and others on their social media accounts.
  • 30% of the Christians said they were equally likely to share their faith online or in person.

I find that last statistic a little odd, since it’s so much easier to say something online than in person.

Why do you think this is?

Perhaps the 30% aren’t saying that they share their faith just as frequently in person as they do online, but that if an opportunity to share their faith presents itself during an in-person conversation, they will be just as bold to share face-to-face as they are in sharing online.

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5 Comments on “Christians on Social Media: How Many Share their Faith?”

  1. If you are truly an ambassador of God, you will call on the power in the name of Jesus and not your own.
    In the power of Jesus’ name, you will overcome your fear, and testify whenever the door opens. No matter who you are talking to or where you are at.,

  2. Paul gave us the qualifications to be a good witness. Fear, Trembling & Much Weakness. If you have those qualifications you’re ready. If you want an exciting life, start sharing the Gospel. The cure for church boredom is sharing the Gospel. Ask the Lord to give you a divine appointment and remember, the quality is in the Seed, (God’s Word), not the sower. Start sowing the Word.

  3. I pray often for BOB…. that stands for “a Burden for the lost” … “Opportunity” … and “Boldness”

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