Shocking and Disturbing: 63% of Americans Don’t Trust Pastors

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Nurses are more trusted today than pastors.

Only 37% of Americans have a “very high” or “high” opinion of the honesty and ethical standards of pastors. This is down from 67% in 1985.

It’s the lowest rating for pastors since Gallup started the survey in 1977.

This means 63% of Americans don’t trust pastors.

Pastors received an average rating from 43% … “low” or “very low” from 15%.

Priests, evangelical pastors or liberal pastors were not distinguished in the survey.

But 48% of Protestants rated pastors positively … 31% of Catholics.

Nurses were the #1 trusted group with 84% rating them “very high” or “high”.

Not far behind were doctors, pharmacists, and high school teachers.

Below pastors: telemarketers, car salesman, and Congress.

Strangely, journalists jumped 10 points, driven up by higher ratings from Democrats.

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