Planned Parenthood: Moral Bankruptcy Continues [video]

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Throughout the release of undercover videos and the resulting scandal surrounding Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood loudly denied any wrongdoing – and protested the morality of undercover journalism, not their own actions.

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, even insisted that the organization was proud of their practice of being reimbursed for “tissue donations.”

Now, Planned Parenthood has decided to stop accepting reimbursements. In other words, they’ll still make the donations of body parts, but they won’t profit from them.

While they insist that their tissue donation and reimbursement program is completely legal and they have done nothing wrong, they still feel the need to change their policy after the release of these revealing videos.

Why? To run from the controversy.

Yet this change doesn’t really do much.

Planned Parenthood is only concerned about not being found guilty of violating the law and prosecuted (or losing their funding) and the horrible PR. This is a desperate measure just to make sure they’re within the letter of the law. If they’re not guilty of violating the law, then they’ve done nothing wrong.

Tragically, that is not the case. The law doesn’t do nearly enough to prohibit the monstrous evil that Planned Parenthood is doing. They may reform their practices so that their baby body part donations are legal, but the practice is still just as morally reprehensible.

Tragically, Planned Parenthood will continue to murder babies and then harvest their body parts for research.

The goal of the videos was to wake America up to the moral reality of what Planned Parenthood is doing and to put an end to these evil practices. The goal is to stop the harvesting of baby parts, not Planned Parenthood’s profits from baby parts.

In fact, this change doesn’t even solve the problem of payment for baby parts. Because, if “prospective buyers” don’t pay for the costs associated with harvesting baby parts, then who does?  There are still costs that must be covered. If Planned Parenthood absorbs the cost, then will it be the taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood that pays for this heinous practice?

Planned Parenthood’s troubles are not over yet.

Watch Tony Perkins, President of FRC, speak about this new development in the Planned Parenthood scandal:

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