I Met with Trump This Tuesday [Video]

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I Met with Trump This Tuesday [Video]


Donald Trump.
Many evangelical Christians are troubled with a choice between Clinton and Trump for President.
So Trump agreed (Clinton has not) to meet with evangelical leaders. At first it was a small group, then 300, then 500, then over 1,000:
  • Pastors.
  • College and ministry leaders across America.
  • Plus Shelly and I.

We all met together in New York City with Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Franklin Graham opened the meeting with a word of prayer.

Former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee moderated the event, and Ben Carson helped introduce his former rival to the large group.

It was not a speech, but a conversation. Guests asked questions, and Trump would answer them

We shared our concerns about the country, the fight for religious liberty, and the need for strict constructionist judges, not judicial activists.

If there was one theme of agreement among the attendees, it would be his pledge for conservative judges.

One of his most important announcements, which drew large applause, was his declaration to repeal the “Johnson Amendment”.

Churches enjoy tax-exemption status, as long as they do not endorse candidates or distinct sides in political causes. This was snuck into law in 1954 by then Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson to stop churches who were opposing him.

The result has been that pastors and churches have been afraid to speak out and be the conscience of the country, as they were in the 1700’s.

Trump is the first Presidential candidate to call for repeal of the notorious Johnson Amendment.

Returning to issues keenly important to Evangelicals, Trump pledged that “I am 100% for Israel.”

A representative from the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, stated that they oppose amnesty, but worry that Trump is not building bridges with other communities, particularly the Hispanic community.

Trump assured Rodriguez that he would care for all Americans, and was particularly worried about the drug-trafficking, which is claiming so many lives.

After the meeting with Donald Trump, I spoke on Fox Business Network’s program “Risk and Reward” with Deirdre Bolton.

Check out my interview here:

There, I explain that 1/3 were opposed to Trump, 1/3 skeptical, and 1/3 for—largely because of the Supreme Court and their adversity toward Clinton.

A powerful prayer for unity and visions by Pastor Jim Robinson at the end moved the meeting to supporting Trump by many in attendance.

Trump still needs to be more specific on religious liberty and other key issues.

Of great importance to the 80 million voters—37 million of whom did not vote in 2012—is Trump’s VP pick and Cabinet.

I urge Donald to declare his choice early and pick wisely.

What do you think?

What did you think of my interview?

What else would you like to know about the Evangelicals’ meeting with Donald Trump? Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

26 Comments on “I Met with Trump This Tuesday [Video]”

  1. It is hard for me to think of Trump as a Christian or someone who will support an agenda that glorifies the Lord.
    At this point I see Him as not better than His opponent

    1. Bruce has been reading too many Hillary press releases – which all comes from biased media. Trump has been very open and consistent with supporting Christians and all law abiding faiths.

      In case you have noticed: there is a lot of Divine Intervention going on in this election. How did Trump know to go to Scotland, the day before the BREXIT vote, and be there in the morning for the BREXIT news conference that gave him another world-wide audience – to further reiterate his consistent goals for a Trump administration????

  2. I believe that Mr. Trump is the only choice we have. When one compares Mr. Trump’s family and all he stands for, we believe he’ll do great. The Clintons are terrible. We should counsel Mr. Trump to stop insulting people. That’s his weak point. We pray that he may accept Christ.

    1. I agree with most of your assessment, Martha, but I’m not sure if he’ll do great. We don’t know that yet. What we DO know however is that compared to Hillary and her very checkered (and dangerous) past, he is CLEARLY the better choice to be Commander and Chief. Is he the perfect choice? Of course not. He certainly wasn’t my first choice. But so what? Christians that keep complaining about his faults seem to have forgotten how many leaders God has chosen to carry out His will. Many of them WAY worse than Mr. Trump (or Hillary for that matter). In my opinion, Trump’s pros compared to his cons carry much more weight than any of Hillary’s “pros”. Seriously Christians…f you’re considering voting for Clinton, I have to seriously doubt your “Christian” values, wisdom and vision for this country..

  3. Your interview was great! You touched on the heart of the issues important to all the people that will be required for a better future. The morality of our country is at stake! To me there isn’t even a choice, Clinton should be in jail right now, Trump is the solution. God bless Donald Trump!

  4. The problem that currently exists is that it appears to be either Trump or Clinton and there is only one clear choice, Donald Trump. True, he is somewhat unknown but she isn’t and she will be a disaster for this nation, if elected. According to many who knew her when Bill was in the White House, she is a vulgar, spoiled, selfish and entitled person who will be even worse for this country than Obama, and we can see what he has done. If she continues on the path he has put us on, we’re doomed, unless you want complete government control over every aspect of your life. Personally, I wanted Cruz, or, even better, a Cruz, Paul team, but that isn’t our choice so all we can do is work with what we’ve got.

  5. There is a slight hope of delegates being able to vote their conscience & come up w a better nominee.

    Otherwise I guess the only apparent choice is Trump because of Supreme Court & other judicial appointments.

    He still seems weak on religious freedom, talking platitudes w out seeming to understand the issues where it has hit w govt mandates that violate faith.

    Have not seen that he understands free expression, nor that he understands the concerns about privacy violations w transgender initiatives, as well as SSM & freedom of vendors to decline orders that violate their conscience.

    He seems very weak in that particular area.

    Plus he is likely to lose to Hillary. There are better choices who also would do better against her! & he did not get a majority of the vote.

    Those of us in late voting states didn’t even really get a choice.

    1. Kathi, your assessment is quite myopic with regard to “hope” for another candidate. Why do you not understand the horrendous ruckus that would ensue should the Repub party make such a ridiculous & wrong move by pushing Mr. Trump aside to put in some ‘idiot’ who did not run the long/hard race to be president?! There will be and should be a riot if they try something so underhanded! Secondly, what does this mean:
      “…that he understands free expression, nor that he understands the concerns about privacy violations w transgender initiatives…”? Are you stating that your pro-homosexual freedom/expression, and that these issues should be brought into the government? He shouldn’t speak of these issues, he shouldn’t bring credence to these issues. That’s the problem in the 1st place, people in government were persuaded to mandate things that should not be legislated. Homosexuality, transgender, etc., are choices people make to live their lifestyles, for whatever reason. Those choices should never have been brought into the legislative process because now everything is being put out there as if any of it should affect us in the 1st place. If people were brave enough (which Trump is) they would set these things aside and let God deal with them, but gov’t has forced too many to be politically correct, which is simply another way of saying: immoral, don’t speak up or out about what God’s Word dictates as to how we are called to live our lives. He is strong and he is being used by God, there really isn’t a question about that if you daily take your doubts before our Lord.

  6. We will not vote for a Socialist, and we will not vote for a known practicing Liar. We believe that these days most of our government officials are corrupt. There is no perfect person, no perfect candidate, Jesus is not running for President. Therefore, Mr. Trump is our only hope at this time,. He is for protecting our Nation and restoring it. I agree with M. Tuttle, Clinton should be in jail. And Bernie needs major counseling. I believe the LORD raised up Mr. Trump so he could get truly saved (with God all things are possible), and our Nation could be revived. If we don’t vote for Mr. Trump, we are contributing to the end of our freedoms. We’re praying for him and our entire Nation, at this very crucial time.

  7. I do NOT pay attention to your recommendations after you urged people to vote for Ted Cruz in the primary-AND HE ISNT EVEN I THE RACE ANYMORE. cutting odd your nose to spite your face and supporting othersto do same.

  8. Trump is ProLife !! He named all ProLife Judges. That is my main concern. Clinton’s passionate speech to Planned Parenthood is clearly focussed on promoting birth control / abortion! She confirmed that she’ll ensure the continuity of the legality of abortion. I will vote for Trump based on my conscience. To me, there is still a choice. Thank you, Craig, for updating us! with prayers . . .

  9. I enjoyed your interview with Fox Business (Video above). I support Trump for the same reasons you do. My first choice was Dr. Ben Carson. When he dropped out I switched to Ted Cruz. The biggest issues with me are supreme court justices, stop adding to the national debt, and religious liberty.

  10. 2016 06-25 Reply to Election Forum

    Thank you for all that you do for the voters so they can make a choice for Jesus. Mr. Trump is the better choice for Christians that believe in the Bible. The Bible says, “THOU SHALL NOT MURDER,” and “MAN SHOULD NOT LIE WITH MAN AS HE DOES A WOMAN.” Also it says that children belong to parents; not to the schools who are mandated by the federal government through Common Core to teach them what they want without consulting the parents. The federal government should get out of the local and state government areas and tend to their business of KEEPING OUR BORDER SAFE and our MILITARY STRONG. Our government is ruled by career politicians. Most of them end up wealthy. Most of them are politically correct. Therefore, I think that REAL CHRISTIANS who vote for candidates who promote abortion, except if a woman’s life is in danger, and homosexuality are voting against what the BIBLE says. They are voting against JESUS. WAKE UP, CHRISTIANS! Do you want the SUPREME COURT to be comprised of judges who will call Christians bigots because they preach ROMANS 1 and Leviticus? Of course, God loves everyone. He just wants people to realize that murder is wrong. I checked out the DEMOCRATIC and the REPUBLICAN platforms. The democrats are for women’s choice, pro-death, and the republicans are for pro-life. The democrats are allowing males who think they are women to use the female bathroom, but the republicans are against that. HOW EVIL IS THAT? WHAT ABOUT THE SAFETY OF OUR GIRLS? Then Hillary can’t be trusted. She knowingly stated that the raid in Benghazi was caused by a video. How long did it take her to tell the truth? Then every REAL ESTATE AGENT knows that it is a felony to co-mingle money from a client. How much so is putting personal email with government email should be a felony, too. WHERE IS OUR COMMON SENSE? Then if they were going to check, all of the emails should have been turned over. No, they let Hillary decide what was personal. GOD BLESS AMERICA. THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Let’s get rid of the career politicians!!!

  11. Iona Ted may not be in the race any more but I am one of those that checked his box to send a Donald a message that he needs to TALK to US not the sanders suppporters who will not vote for him dont scoff and the almost 10 percent who did

  12. Craig, thank you very much for what you do! I picked up another important thing from your interview which was “Trump promised to repeal Johnson Amendment”… (we hope Trump keeping his promise).
    Keep the good work Craig , we support you, and God bless you!

  13. I have been for Trump from the very beginning. Look at his children and his family. People say but he has been married 3 times. So what!!! He is a good man and wants truly to help the country. He really doesn’t need this. I trust him and if you don’t vote for him, that means you want Hillary to be our next President. How could you ever say that. All of Obama’s governing will still go on. Is that what you want? Just to teach him a lesson do you really want to throw the whole nation under the bus???? The only way is to vote for Trump. God bless America!!

    Craig, I have met you in El Cajon at the Salt and Light meetings with Russ Parks.

  14. Dear Mr. Huey:

    At this point, when Donald Trump appears to be the presumptive Republican nominee, and only alternative to Hillary Clinton, the most positive response that I in good conscience can offer is that WE MUST ALL WATCH AND PRAY as 1 Timothy 2:1-4 KJV exhorts, “…for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour.”

    But I also think there is something we Christians can learn from the wisdom of Jethro’s, (“the priest of Midian and father-in-law of Moses”) exhortation to Moses in Exodus Chapter 18:21-

    “But select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain—and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.”

    My research reveals that none of the present-presumptive Presidential candidates meet those qualifications but Ted Cruz does; so I can with a clear conscience toward God and men, only exercise my faith, and reserve my vote for him.

    However I do plan to vote and support down ticket, the most consistent Constitutional Conservatives for Congress, so that we might stand a chance at restraining an out of control government.

    “You said that Trump is the first Presidential candidate to call for repeal of the notorious Johnson Amendment;” but is it possible that he is the only candidate who has ever been asked about repealing the Johnson Amendment–which of course is within the power of Congress to do only?

    Furthermore, what evidence can you cite that Trump–who in the words of former 2008 presidential candidate Alan Keyes, “is not now nor has he ever been a conservative in principle, or in the policies of the candidates he has supported–will be true to his own word, especially regarding his pledge to appoint conservative judges?

    Matthew 7:16, NLT says that: “You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act.” And for those who payed attention, we have seen the kind of fruit that both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have shown; yet many Christians, either from a lack of knowledge, or some personal dislike for Cruz, chose Trump instead, who knows very little about conserving our constitutional republic.

    In conclusion, as it is my duty, I will ONLY vote down ticket for the most Constitutionally conservative candidates and their policy’s. I will also pray–REGARDLESS OF WHO BECOMES PRESIDENT– that the very elect would not be deceived. And that Lord will continue to use and sustain those who obey His Will to “hold back” lawlessness during the time we have left, before Jesus comes to set up His Kingdom on earth.

  15. Apparently those of you who think Hillary would be a better choice or maybe you are not voting because you think Donald Trump does not “appear”to be Christian should remember that God did not always choose a Godly person to lead yet he still used them. Nine were perfect. Apparently Donald Trump is the only one that believes America is worth fighting for or saving. Hillary appears to be a liar, murderer and have no conscience about people dying on her watch in Bengazi. Which one seems better to you?
    A no vot at all is a vot for Hillary.

    1. Sherry you are correct, God uses the most unlikely – which is why its a shame people are stuck on a Ted Cruz ticket and feel he was the only one “worthy” of their vote. I have to believe those who clung to him did not do their homework, did not spend endless hours researching the truth behind him & his father’s faith. There are videos of both of them so everything is in their own words. People have been fooled by Cruz, the wool has covered their eyes. People fall for the man who stands on the corner & prays aloud, yet lives his ‘private’ life in manner not fit for one who claims to follow Christ. The great thing about Trump is he is not phony, he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not, yet, since he has kept “Christian” leaders around him he must have a heart that will be softened to accept Christ. I think the most important thing to remember is he loves America, is honest about what is wrong and what he wants to change/fix, and has a family that loves & respects him – that should speak volumes!

  16. Keith good point on I Tim 2:1-4 also as you point we should vet those he picks to council him I trust Ben Carson and maybe Newt the rest not so much
    my personal way for vetting candidates is will he indeed allow me to lead and quiet and peacable life… for then He will more likely secure my blessings of liberty to myself and my prosperity

  17. As a World War II veteran I feel the Republican Party would commit political suicide if they try to replace Donald Trump. He was clearly chosen by the people who took the time to vote. to represent the Republican Party. In my opinion if we wish to secure the blessings of freedom provided in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights we must stand United.

    As a 18,19 and 20 year old in the Army I was considered too young to vote but I have voted in every election since then. My wish is that every citizen will exercise that right in November to honor those who have sacrificed their lives to establish and preserve our FREEDOM.


  18. Once again Trump has flip-flopped. He is now saying that only Muslims from terrorist countries should be banned from entering the United States. That is the direct opposite of what he said a few weeks ago. His statement then was absolutely no Muslims at all should be allowed to immigrate to here, not one. He blows with the wind. Whatever he thinks will get him votes, he goes with that. I am so sad to see that we have two people running for the highest office in the land and neither one is a decent choice. Trump is a serial adulterer with a narcisistic personality disorder and Clinton is a criminal liar. I wish I could stay home and skip this election.

  19. People who think Cruz is great are unaware of an important piece of information. When Ted Cruz was born in Canada in 1970, Canada did not allow dual citizenship. His parents chose Canadian citizenship for him instead of U.S. citizenship. He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014. He has hidden all records having to do with becoming a U.S. citizen (just like Obama hid his). What is Cruz hiding? He is not a natural-born citizen which makes him ineligible for President. Was he a U.S. citizen when he was elected to be a U.S. Senator in 2012? There is no way to know. If not, his Senate win was illegal since people elected (or appointed) to the Senate have to be a citizen for 9 years before serving as a Senator (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3).

  20. A vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary. I voted for Ross Perot, twice, in 1992, and again in n1996, and I am sad to say that I helped elect the most corrupt president this country has ever had (up to that time).

  21. As a lifelong Christian, I would just like to mention: I think Obama is arguably the greatest president this nation has ever seen, and that I wholeheartedly support Hillary Clinton and pray she chooses Elizabeth Warren as her VP. But good work guys! Not all evangelicals are republicans.

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