Libertarian Surprise: 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Vote for Gary Johnson

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Libertarian Surprise: 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Vote for Gary Johnson

I stand for freedom.

I stand for free enterprise, for individual rights.

I stand for a person to be able to do, as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone else.

That’s the American way. That’s the American Dream. That’s unusual in human history.

That has only been found in America, where our Declaration of Independence and Constitution has created more freedom, with an understanding that our rights come from God and not from Government, and not from men.

And that’s basically what Libertarians stand for.

They stand for as little government in the lives of people as possible, and as much economic opportunity for you to live your life as you see fit and ah

So, when the Libertarian Party came along in the early 1970s, it was interesting to watch. During the years when the party ran a candidate for President, there have been some interesting people whom I admire.

Great intellects, people who were strong advocates for individual liberty, who understand the free market very well, for example Harry Brown, Bob Barr, and Ron Paul. These men stood for protecting the rights of conscience.

These men stood for protecting life.

But the Libertarian ticket for Election 2016 is nothing like the previous candidates. I hardly recognize this party anymore because of some its current stances, which are not only offensive to me, but don’t line up with libertarian principles.

Here are six reasons why I will never vote for Gary Johnson for President:

  1. I am pro-life, as are many libertarians. (The party is still sharply divided on this issue). Johnson and his running mate William Weld are vocally pro-abortion.
  2. Johnson would force Christian bakers, photographs, florists, etc. to provide services for a same-sex wedding, even if such activities violate their conscience. Can you imagine a libertarian president who would use government force you to do something?! This is the most anti-libertarian view I have ever heard!
  3. The former Governor of New Mexico actually supporters President Obama’s lawless, unconstitutional executive amnesty. Libertarians support minimal government, but they should also stand by the rule of law.
  4. Johnson’s Vice Presidential candidate William Weld is openly pro-gun control. How can any libertarian candidate advocate for limiting an individual’s right to keep and bear arms?
  5. Johnson and Weld actually believe that Hillary Clinton is a good leader and would make a great President, at least compared to Donald Trump. That shows really poor judgment, considering Clinton’s numerous crimes and scandals.
  6. The Libertarian candidates are still a third-party pick with no chance of winning. They are polling at 10%, and have to achieve at least 15% to participate in the general election debates.

Even with a stronger showing on national television, they do not have a real  chance of winning. Sadly, their stronger showing may assure Hillary Clinton’s victory in November, a progressive socialist whose record and rhetoric are the most statist of the three candidates running for President.

Check out this video, in which Gary Johnson declares that he agrees with Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders on 73%, and particularly when he says that he agrees with socialism, as long as it is “voluntary.”


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7 Comments on “Libertarian Surprise: 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Vote for Gary Johnson”

  1. How far they have moved since I registered Libertarian in 1975! If this is what the party is running today, they have changed far more than either the Dems or Republicans have moved from their original values.

    I’m with you, Craig. There’s no way I could ever support this candidate — even tho when I take the little test, my views come up closest to the principles (allegedly) espoused by the Libertarians.

  2. This is an extremely misleading article. First, let’s drop the ignorant term “pro-abortion” from our vocabulary. I get it, you’re religious and have to add a slant to your beliefs, but pro-abortion is extremely misleading. It is about choice, and although as a Libertarian this is the one of the issues I struggle with, warping words to suit your agenda is childish and manipulative. But it sums up the grievance I have with your editorial. One several of these points (You missed complete the point of his siding with 73% of Bernie Sanders, you fail to mention that though Weld is pro gun-control, Johnson himself has clearly stated he is pro right to bear arms, Johnson NEVER said Hillary would make a great president, etc). Where are your references? You don’t even provide sources, let alone links. And lest ye think this is from a left wing nonbeliever, I am devoutly Christian. I just hate the people who give my religion a bad name by spouting baseless propaganda and twist words in a thinly veiled attempt to thwart a far better choice for president than the two mainstream options we have. Craig, don’t parade as a journalist.

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