Higgins: Another Evangelical Christian on “The Bachelor”

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Ben Higgins is the most famous software salesman in America.

He’s also the star on ABC’s The Bachelor.

And he’s an Evangelical Christian.

He does not hide his faith, either. He writes about Jesus online, he quotes Scripture on social media, and even has Proverbs 16:3 (“Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.”) tattooed to his arm.

Unfortunately, the producers of “The Bachelor” have tried to cover up his faith.

Still, Higgins has clearly indicated that he will not have sex before marriage, even though the average Bachelor sleeps with three women every season.

During his run:

  1. Pray for Ben.
  2. Pray that Ben will be a faithful witness for Christ.
  3. Pray that Ben will be able to spread the Gospel.

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4 Comments on “Higgins: Another Evangelical Christian on “The Bachelor””

  1. Thanks for alerting me to Ben Higgins. Oh he is so needed!! We will include him in our prayers at our next Community Impact Committee.

  2. Thank God for Ben Higgins! The “wheat and the tares” are both growing at the same time. The “wheat” being the Gospel and Christians, and the “tares” being the devil and his minions, working through non-Christians, such as the producers, to tear down any works of Christians. Hollywood seems to be the devil’s synagogue right now, but…God is working! And He ultimately WINS. That’s all that really matters. Thanks Craig and staff.

  3. Women parading in front of him? Are they believers in the first place? Does he know about missionary dating? I don’t understand why he needs to be in the Bachelor?

  4. A Christian? Maybe, but a tad backslidden perhaps? Spending the night with 3 women, one right after the other, reportedly being intimate with all 3 when he is planning on proposing to only one, making it clear that he and Lauren were sleeping together right after he proposed. Christian? Really? Wonder what his pastor and his parents think about it. As Sean Lowe has said, the bachelor is not for Christians. It is not our show and does not reflect our values.

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