Disturbing: Another Cartoon Promotes Gay Lifestyle [Video]

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Disturbing: Another Cartoon Promotes Gay Lifestyle [Video]

We’ve talked about how children are being forced to accept, in fact embrace the idea of a homosexual lifestyle.

It has also found its way into most of the network television programs.

Now it’s finding its way into cartoons and children programs.

The two gay Dads in “The Loud House” (Credit: Christianity Today)

And that’s what Nickelodeon Kids is doing with its latest cartoon “The Loud House”.

The cartoon network will feature the first same-sex couple!


Sadly, other cartoon and children-oriented channels have done the same thing, including The Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.

Check out the clip of the cartoon here.

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7 Comments on “Disturbing: Another Cartoon Promotes Gay Lifestyle [Video]”

  1. How disturbing! But sadly, we knew this was going to happen… You can’t give special protective status to a group without that group eventually feeling empowered, entitled, and overly sensitive to any criticism or perceived prejudice. Sin, in all it’s forms, is now “Out and Proud”!

  2. I think it’s time to except that homosexuality, and everything that comes with it, is not going away. Gays are not going to silence themselves. The only way we’re going to keep our kids from being exposed to homosexuality is to pull them from school, ban tv, music, movies, news and move the the middle east where its still punishable by death.
    Or…. We could learn to Love Thy Neighbor!

    1. Amber I have to agree with both you & Miriam for very different reasons. You are correct in your statement that homosexuality is not going away. But tell me, what Christ follower or even simply a person who reads the Bible and believes that its the inspired Word of God, would ever think … its going away? Since this act, which God states in the Old Test., as well as New to be an abomination to Him has been in practice since the beginning, no one should ‘think’ it will be silent we only wish it was an act that people kept private, just as (proper) heterosexuals do with regard to their sex lives. We are called to live according to God’s Will, not ours. Our opinions don’t really matter much at the end of this journey, what matters is how we choose to live according to how & what God wants for us. If he calls an act an abomination my thought is we are to accept that! “God’s Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…”

  3. Loving the individual is different than accepting and promoting a practice that is clearly not beneficial for society.

  4. Continuously pushing the boundaries of the vile homosexual lifestyle. All enabled & promoted by Sacramento & DC. And we get to pay them to do it. Pathetic.

  5. With a teen trend of girls being with girls, regardless of their actual nature; “the loud house,” has caused me to not allow my 4 and 7 year old granddaughters to watch this show that promotes and suggests that lesbianism is cool. That is not all. When my 4 year old asked, “clyde has 2 dads?” I should not have to explain to her about homosexuals. Unfortunately, the show is fun. They are upset that they cannot watch this show at my house anymore. I can’t believe that this station thinks it is rated for children. My grandchildren are too young for this crap.

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