Child Sacrifice: 4 Key Facts You Should Know (video)

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The most epic and intense war taking place in the world today is the battle between God and Satan.

It’s literally a life and death struggle …

No better example can be given than what’s taking place today in Uganda.

Amid widespread reports of revival sweeping through Kampala and across the country, witchcraft and the practice of child sacrifice is also increasing.

As Christians, we can’t ignore what’s happening just because it’s taking place in a far away country. Here’s what you should know:

  • What are the causes of child sacrifice.
  • How child sacrifice is carried out.
  • What is the extent of child sacrifice in Uganda.
  • What must be done to end child sacrifice.
  1. What are the causes of child sacrifice?

The people of Uganda are very spiritual. Those who don’t believe in God and the Holy Spirit believe in evil spirits. They will consult a witchdoctor if they are seeking:

  • Healing from disease or a physical limitation
  • Success for a new business venture
  • Protection from enemies or competitors
  • Instant wealth or prosperity

Depending on the outcome desired by the client, either animal sacrifice or human sacrifice may be demanded.

  1. How is child sacrifice carried out?

After the client has paid a large fee, the witchdoctor

  • conducts a witch-hunt
  • performs the abduction of a child
  • removes the body parts demanded by “the spirits” while the child is still alive – either the head, one or more limbs, the tongue, eyes, teeth, genitals, or an internal organ
  • makes a potion from the removed body parts
  • discards the child’s body
  1. What is the extent of child sacrifice in Uganda?

The Uganda Human Rights Commission published a report in 2014 warning that official statistics of child sacrifice in Uganda are inaccurate.

The number of reported child sacrifice cases rose 800% between 2007 and 2008.

The African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) reports that almost 3,000 children disappear from their homes every year.

Even ONE case of child sacrifice is too many.

  1. What must be done to end child sacrifice?

At least 4 actions can and are being taken to stop the practice of child sacrifice in Uganda:

  • Three laws are currently on the books … the latest being the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act, passed in October, 2009. There is also an Anti-Human Sacrifice and Trafficking Task Force, also established in 2009, which coordinates investigations, collects statistics and works with the general public.
  • The BBC and ABC (Australia) have produced compelling reports and documentaries in the past 3 years. More should be done by the U.S. media.
  • All Christians everywhere should pray for the salvation of Ugandan witchdoctors and for the strength of the Christian community in Uganda. The power of prayer is greater than any human power.
  • Ideological persuasion and evangelism. One by one, witchdoctors are becoming Christians and leaving their witchcraft as a result of the bold evangelism of Ugandan pastors. The second video at the link below tells the story of one such witchdoctor who became a Christian and now pastors a thriving church in his village. Also check out the Agape Children’s Village in Uganda.

Click the link below to watch two powerful videos produced by CBN News. The first describes the business of child sacrifice and traces the lives of 3 survivors of the brutal practice (about 6 minutes). The second (about 2 minutes) tells the story about a witchdoctor who became a Christian and started a church which is thriving today and working toward stamping out child sacrifice.


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