Child Ripped From Family: Progressive Left Tearing Families Apart

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Listen to these foster parents who wanted a child and chose to adopt.

But, to everyone’s horror–the child was unexpectedly taken from them.

Terrible, but eye-opening to the liberal political correctness and its harm to children and families.

Learn more in this video.

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One Comment on “Child Ripped From Family: Progressive Left Tearing Families Apart”

  1. Of course this is happening. Just what do Christians expect when post-1800s Christianity increasingly emotionalizes, experiences, reads about, and talks about Jesus Christ, but does not find Christ where is representing in society and government to the exclusion of God-offending and pathological worldviews and governance. Lukewarm ‘works-phobic’ Christianity has created a ‘Christ-void’ in society and government filled by lucifer and his useful-pawns – who hate everything God loves and love everything God hates, especially Christians.

    Only by the pulpits of America, and those supporting them by attending their churches, returning to doing what many pre-1900s Christians did, who obeyed God by opposing evildoers like British Tyrants and slavery, does America have a chance to avoid it’s quickening slide national-suicide. If not, God will know us as the generation of Christians who sacrificed our own children and grandchildren at the altar of our lukewarm feel-good religion that found Christ worth reading and talking about, but no longer worth representing in society and government.

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