Bible Mockeries and Myths on Screen [song]

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Hollywood loves to present distorted, perverted pictures of Christianity to the world.

Again and again, they take Bible stories and twist them into monstrous myths. They mock the Bible and blaspheme God.

And the church too often neglects to speak out against this. In fact, some well-known pastors and Christian celebrities applaud these films.

But not the rock band Stryper. They call out Hollywood for perverting the Bible in a new song called “Big Screen Lies.”

Some of the lies are disgraceful, blatant mockeries. Some are more serious attempts to explain away the truth of the gospel.

Here are some of the current Bible myths promoted by filmmakers:

  • God is an evil alcoholic and sexual predator (Family Guy, Robot Chicken)
  • Christians are dumb (South Park, The Simpson’s)
  • Jesus faked miracles and his crucifixion was sexualized (Family Guy, American Dad)
  • Jesus’ blood tastes good (Lil’ Bush)
  • Jesus vanished from the cross or was eaten by animals (Jesus: The Complete Story, BBC/Discovery Channel)
  • Jesus was drugged to make him appear dead (Jesus: The Complete Story, BBC/Discovery Channel)

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6 Comments on “Bible Mockeries and Myths on Screen [song]”

  1. It’s best to always consider the source.The TRUTH is rarely found by film makers.But we know that THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree Doctor. But Hollywood is only interested in making money. And the way they do that is by “entertaining” and “titillating” the viewers. The “truth” of Christianity is only for documentaries, which don’t sell commercials.

    1. I’m so sorry for that, Rick. We usually hyperlink to our sources when we share information from other articles. Somehow we neglected to do that this time. We’ve updated the article to give credit to you. I’d be glad to mention your name in our next issue, if you’d like. Again, sorry for that mistake. Best wishes, Craig Huey.

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