San Bernardino Voter Guide

This Election 2020 San Bernardino County voter guide will help you cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda and biased media coverage of the campaigns. This guide ranks every aspect of a candidate’s record according to experience, integrity, and commitment to community.

Here you’ll find recommendations for:

  • President
  • Propositions
  • Superior Court Judges
  • Congress
  • State Senator
  • State Assembly
  • City Council

Scroll down for our recommendations.

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Ratings: Every candidate is considered after thorough research; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete. Here is our rating system:

  •  : The best candidate. Our strongest endorsement.
  • : Very good.
  • : Acceptable.
  • : Vote only to prevent worse candidate(s) from winning.
  • : Terrible. Do Not Vote. All your other votes will count.

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  • Joe Biden(D) 
  • Donald Trump (R)  [Endorsed]


To get an understanding of why we recommend the propositions the way we do, I have created a short video reviewing each proposition and the reasons why we say yes or no, along with some other detail you should find interesting.  You can watch the video HERE.  

14 – No

15 – No

16 – No

17 – No

18 – No

19 – No

20 – Yes

21 – No

22 – Yes

23 – No

24 – No

25 – No

U.S. Representative

District 8

  • Christine Bubser (D)
  • Jay Obernolte (R) 

27th District

  • Judy Chu (D) (Incumbent)
  • Johnny Nalbandian (R) 

31st District

  • Pete Aguilar (D) (Incumbent)
  • Agnes Gibboney (R) 

35th District

  • Norma Torres (D) (Incumbent)
  • Mike Cargile (R) 

39th District

  • Gil Cisneros (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Young Kim (R) 

California State Senator

District 21

  • Kipp Mueller (D) 
  • Scott Wilk (R) (Incumbent) 

District 23

  • Abigail Medina (D) 
  • Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R) 

District 25

  • Anthony Portantino, Jr. (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Kathleen Hazleton (R)

District 29

  • Josh Newman (D) 
  • Ling Ling Chang (R) (Incumbent) 

State Assembly

District 33

  • Rick Herrick (R) 
  • Thurston Smith (R) 

District 36

  • Steve Fox (D) 
  • Tom Lackey (R) (Incumbent) 

District 40

  • James Ramos (D) (Incumbent)
  • Jennifer Tullius (R) 

District 41

  • Chris Holden (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Robin Hvidston (R) 

District 42

  • Andrew Kotyuk (R) 
  • Chad Mayes (Incumbent) (Independent)

District 47

  • Eloise Gomez Reyes (D) (Incumbent)
  • Matthew Gordon (R) 

District 52

  • Freddie Rodriguez (D) (Incumbent)
  • Toni Holle (R) 

District 55

  • Andrew Rodriguez (D)
  • Phillip Chen (R) (Incumbent) 

County Supervisor 

District 5

  • Jesse Armendarez

County Board of Education 

Area C

  • Roman Nava

Area E

  • Andrea De Leon

Crestline-Lake Arrowhead Water Agency Board of Directors  

  • Stephen L. Pleasant

San Bernardino County Fire Protection District   

  • Measure J – Yes