Trump v. Cruz

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The Election 2016 primary season is coming to a close.

For the Republicans, it is now Trump v. Cruz.

The fight is on until the Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Check out Cruz’ attacking Trump on transgenderism and abortion:

Donald Trump has also called for watering down the platform on abortion.

Trump has also stirred up controversy in his acceptance of transgender bathrooms.

See the powerful video above.

Then check out Cal Thomas’ powerful insights there, too. (about 2 min.)

After that, check out Pat Boone’s take on Donald Trump:

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13 Comments on “Trump v. Cruz”

  1. I’m voting for Trump. Cruz comes across as a preachy and sneaky snake-oil salesman to most regular people, and he has NO, none, Zero chance of winning in a general election. Christians need to get wise and learn how to see the world around us as it appears to the lost. And just because Cruz may be a Christian doesn’t mean he is the best man for the job. He’s a very sharp lawyer, but doesn’t have any people skills, which is what politicians need to get agreements done with other lawmakers.

  2. Pat Boone’s points are biblically consistent. Trumps rudeness only serves to work against him. Trump could make the same points respectfully bringing more voters.

    That said, the far more recent governance record and campaign rhetoric of Cruz evidences the constitutionalism necessary to alter America’s existing trajectory toward national-suicide, to a trajectory of restoration. But the evidence of Christian and conservative rhetoric from the likes of presidents Bush Sr/Jr, GOP congressional majority leaders, and other constitutional-deconstructionists and globalists using ‘conservative and Christian rhetoric’ during campaigns, then govern with constitutional-schizophrenia and global-engineering highly destructive to America, makes clear we cannot trust claims of conservatism or Christianity during election cycles.

    The problem with Cruz, being that the vast majority of his record of governance, and his wife’s work for the ‘Council on Foreign Relations’ which is engaged in the process of building the foundation for a future North American Union under the pretense of National and regional security, all evidence a high probability that Cruz may well be another conservative-imposter, or conservative-schizophrenic at the very best. Both possibilities of which maintain America on its existing trajectory toward national-suicide.

    Most important to Christians regarding Trump, is the fact that the only reason Trump exists as a candidate today is because 78 million Catholics and 20 million evangelicals who find Christ worth reading and talking about, did not find Christ worth representing in society and government enough to ensure godly constitutional candidates campaign and our elected. Trumpet is merely a symptom of the ‘Christ-void’ created since the early 1900s in society and government. A ‘Christ-void’ naturally filled by lucifer and both his knowing and unknowing useful-pawns. A ‘Christ-avoid’ that also has the GOP infected with conservative-impostor national, regional, and global engineers. Conservative-impostors infesting the GOP given cover by their accomplices on globalist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News network. FOX has refined selling GOP voters constitutional-deconstructionism under the pretense of national security down to a near art-form using constitutional schizophrenics like Gingrich, Krauthammer, Huckabee, Rove and the like. All of whom use much wonderful conservative/Christian rhetoric, except on a few key constitutionaldeconstructionist and globalist issues that have proven to be highly destructive to America.

    Worse yet, conservative-imposters infesting the GOP along with their accomplices on ‘FOX’ continue to manipulate GOP voters into voting for their ‘establishment’ useful-pawns under the pretense of ‘voting for the lesser of two evils.’ This, though ‘establishment’ leadership over GOP congressional majorities and presidents continue to provide ‘fake-opposition to Democrats’ by not using the available congressional rules, executive orders, and other tools of government to oppose constitutional-deconstructionism, and restore America.

    America’s existing economically and constitutionally emaciated condition caused in great part by ‘establishment’ GOP conservative-impostors providing fake-opposition to Democrats, proves beyond any doubt that continuing the decades long pattern of ‘voting for the lessor of two evils’ as part of a pattern instead of a rarity continues a dialectic that ‘always brings more evil in the end.’

  3. I don’t want still another NeoCon who will perpetuate wars, bad trade deals, foreign policy disasters, job losses. Cruz has surrounded himself with people who do just that. Time for a big change. No Cruz, No Hillary, No Kasich, No Bernie.

  4. I agree with Kurt Stull that Cruz does not come across well. Trump is clearly a con man, but may have a chance of beating Hillary. How will this all end?

  5. I think if you are RINO, yes, supporting Trump seems like no problem at all. No conflict. But if you have principles in true conservatism with a thinking brain, you can not support wacko Trump. Impossible to side with Trump. Trump has been destroying conservatism in his whole life with mocking it and supporting liberals against conservatives. So Trump is litmus test. The outcome will be seen as a litmus test of conservatism concern between a genuine ones and fake ones.

    1. So, you by your writing in Cruz, or not voting at all, are saying you want Hitlary! Shame on YOU!

  6. Cruz has consistently stood for a purely Constitutional government and fighting as hard as he can to force the massive U.S. bureaucracy back into its supposedly limited box. He has never wavered in his advocacy and has never compromised his values. He is the only one who has stood entirely on principle and has suffered ridicule for being “preachy,” “inflexible”, “unfriendly,” “obstinant,” and every other name the Left creates for a man with a backbone and God-centered values.

  7. It doesn’t appear that many people are aware of Trump’s personal or business life. He is a very compassionate person and has high regard for all people of color. Campaigning for the highest office in the land under the conditions our country is facing requires leadership that is sorely lacking in Washington, D.C.

    The factor weighing the heaviest on me that makes me want to support Trump are the TPP and the immigration problem. None of the politically correct politicians are approaching those problems with any vigor at all. If you think transgender bathrooms should be discussed, that won’t solve the problems this country must contend with on the world stage.

    Sure, it would be nice to have a well-liked Christian conservative running for office. But tough times call for tough people. God raised more leaders in the O.T. that were wicked than those who were righteous. Pay attention to what God is doing. Do you really think you know better than Him? I am surprised so few people who call themselves Christians aren’t more familiar with the Bible than they are. We are about to enter another major conflict in the Middle East. Isn’t that more important at the moment than putting emphasis on social issues?

  8. I am more in agreement with the values of Cruz than that of Trump. However, in the real world, one has to be able to get on with people and Cruz seems to lack that ability. He was disliked be congressmen of his own party for his ‘no give’ attitude.

    I don’t know where Trump really stands on the hot button issues mentioned in the other comments here, but it could be that he is being pragmatic so that he can get the votes from enough people to win at the general election and bring in at least some reform, rather than lose the election and allow the Dems to pass legislation that’s even worse than current ones.

    Trump’s position is better than the Dems. So, we have no option on who to vote for. One can’t abstain from voting for him because it would be the same as allowing a worse person to get elected. Trump is more sympathetic to the conservative position on morals than either Clinton or Sanders.

  9. Actually, you do have an option you can still vote for Cruz and give Trump a wake-up Call! Is Cruz a globalist? No.

    But don’t believe what I say or what he says. Look at what he did. When the World Court wanted to throw out a Texas court decision of the death penalty. Bush said the US will allow the World Court to try the case because the perpetrator was an illegal alien. Cruz said the World Court has no jurisdiction in the US and fought Bush before the US Supreme Court and won. So while Bush was a globalist Cruz was not.

    I understand Big Media is pushing Trump until the convention and Soros has hundreds of writers both on the web and in print pushing anti-Cruz rhetoric, but if you get your data from original sources you can put together that you are being played.

    Once Trump gets the nomination Big Media will turn on him and we may well get stuck with Hilary.

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