The New American University: Diversity Fascists

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Robert Oscar Lopez, Professor of English at California State University Northridge, is being hounded by the diversity police.

Lopez was raised by a lesbian couple. He has publicly shared his story and the harmful effects this family structure had on him – in fact, he shared this story in an amicus brief to the Supreme Court for Obergefell v. Hodges.

Joining many others who were raised by same-sex parents, Lopez was a voice for children’s right to biological parents – a right that redefining marriage to include same-sex couples would strip away. Despite the backlash, these individuals are committed to fighting for children’s right to what they did not have.

And backlash they have received. It is extremely unpopular to say that being raised by same-sex parents is harmful to children. So unpopular, in fact, that the few social scientists who have produced sound studies demonstrating this have been threatened by the social science community and had difficulty publishing their studies.

Robert Lopez believes that liberal activists are after him because of his participation in this amicus brief.

It all began in one of his classes, where he gave students an option of completing one of two assignments: write ten responses to the assigned reading, or prepare a research presentation for a conference at the Reagan library.

The first assignment was one that he gives out in all of his classes. An ordinary assignment that he could have made mandatory – instead of offering a second option. The second choice was an optional opportunity to attend and participate in a scholarly conference.

Except, that conference was called “Bonds that Matter” and promoted traditional family structures.

Two students claimed that this second option was “harmful” to them – because they had to listen to views they disagreed with.

Cal State Northridge launched an investigation against Lopez. The Office of Equity and Diversity first claimed that Lopez discriminated against these students. Later they changed the claim to “creating a hostile environment.”

The gay student was exposed as a fraud early on. But only after a long investigation into the other student’s claims was Lopez finally cleared.

But the case wasn’t dropped. Now, that student is claiming that Lopez retaliated against her for reporting him – even though she got an A in the class, and all her “retaliation” claims were unfounded.

To top it all off, the Human Rights Campaign has listed Lopez on its “Export of Hate.”

Now, Lopez is worried that his life – and his family’s– is in danger.

Here is Lopez’s assessment of the University’s charges against him:

“The modern American university has become a taxpayer-subsidized left-wing gulag. In it, dissenters such as myself can be subjected to Stalinist show trials, spied on, and threatened with loss of livelihood for espousing dangerous ideas or associating with political pariahs. Make no mistake. The diversity fascists are coming to get you. They’ve criminalized dissent by formulating rules that are inherently stacked against Christians and conservatives (and especially Christian conservatives). Then, to add insult to injury, they ignore all their own rules and simply govern by whim.”

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2 Comments on “The New American University: Diversity Fascists”

  1. When I read articles about our fascist Universities that take our Christian youths and turn then into card carrying liberal/socialists, I say. Do not pay to have you child hijacked by intolerant leftists, but get them into Christian schools. Remember, you hold the purse strings. Their souls are more important than how much prestige the University has. It is the only answer!

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