Target Transgender Bathrooms: Over 1 Million Sign the Boycott

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Big Business caves to left-wing social engineering once again, this time to the radical transgenderism movement.

Target announced that customers can enter the restrooms and fitting rooms according to the gender which they identify with, rather than according to their biological sex.

With this new policy, the Target Corporation is endangering women and children. But they would rather be politically correct.

Even worse, they call those who protest this policy “bigots”.

Watch a black supporter of the petition answer these attacks here.

See Ted Cruz’ attack on Trump’s transgender support here:.

See this man walk into a Target and ask if he can use the women’s room:

To sign the boycott against Target over this transgender policy, click here.

What do you think of this Target policy and the boycott? Email me at

8 Comments on “Target Transgender Bathrooms: Over 1 Million Sign the Boycott”

  1. provide a women’s only toilet facility in addition to the transgender facilities, ie,
    a men’s facility allowng transgenders, a women’s facility allowng transgenders,
    a transgender toilet allowng men and women and a women’s only facility. otherwise dont patronize the store or use their facilities.

  2. Shame on Target for caving in to political correctness at the risk of the safety of women and children.

  3. This is ridiculous endangering women and children is the most unthinkable thing to do do if target will do it I’ll never patronized their product forever.

  4. THIS IS RIDICULOUS……WOMEN AND CHILDEREN MUST BE PROTECTED and private bathrooms (small?) for such people may be the answer. Let them pay for them!!

    women who think they are men are not so dangerous but might be dangerous, espec for little boys alone

  5. Women have been fighting for 2 bathrooms to every one man’s bathroom for years. We are always having to stand in line at events. Now, not only do I have to share with men but yesterday I had to put the toilet seat down and clean it because of public facilities changing their signs to accommodate both men and women. Women’s rights are targeted once again. Now the one bathroom we did have is being taken away as well.
    The truth is, a man will NEVER be a woman, filled with our beautiful intricacies and abilities, will never know what it truly feels like to be a woman and not even surgery will every change this.

  6. If you don’t like transgender people using the bathroom of choice how about closing all the churches that had priests that molested children because just as transgender men you believe are a risk to women and girls, we know for a fact priest molested boys and yet the churches protected them and they are still allowed to stay open. Let’s close any church that had a child molester priest working at it.

  7. Jim you’re absolutely correct…..and while we’re at it, let’s close down all of the churches where adultery or any other moral “crime” has taken place…. That would be just about all of them.

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