Post Office Joining the War on Christians?

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The government-run U.S. Postal Service will not be printing Christmas stamps for 2015 – except for Charlie Brown Christmas stamps, in commemoration of the show’s 50th anniversary.

For over 50 years, commemorative Christmas stamps have been printed by the U.S. Post Office.

With no public notice of the change in policy and no asking for public comment, the policy has been implemented.

The post office has said that they may print Christmas stamps for Christmas 2016 and that there is an inventory of Christmas stamps issued in previous years.

I would appreciate if readers using stamps this Christmas could ask for the religious-oriented stamps and let me know what the post office says.

In the last few years, stamps have moved away from a religious theme to a “Charlie Brown Christmas” and “snowflake” commemorative stamps.

The cost of creating a Christmas stamp is minimal versus other types of stamps that may require payment of large royalties or licensing fees. Historically, Christmas-themed stamps have been based upon Renaissance painters, therefore not requiring royalties.

The war on Christmas is to take any thought, mention or image of Christ out of Christmas and simply make it a holiday.

As a believer in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, Christians need to stand firm and proclaim the true meaning of Christmas as we approach the Christmas season.

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9 Comments on “Post Office Joining the War on Christians?”

  1. As an employee of the USPS for the past 32 years, this news saddens me. A born again Christian for the last 9 years, I am once again reminded of the spiritual battle we face. I for one will ask for faith based stamps, and get back to you. I will also call our district and ask where I can get Christmas stamps, and if not ,why not. We as a body can call our local post offices and voice our concern as well. THE GENERAL PUBLIC PHONE NUMBER IS: The customer service phone number for the United States Postal Service is 1-800-275-8777 (1-800-ASK-USPS), as of 2015. Its hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m Eastern time. From here they can connect on to their home post office. Thanks for the info.. To Him that is able…

  2. With regards to the post office no longer printing Christmas stamps – SHAME ON THEM.
    Just another reason why we need a free market postal system.

  3. Thanks for making us aware of this. We have long asked for Christmas-themed stamps for all our holiday mailings. Often post office people helping us say, “It’s the reason for the season!” to which we heartily give an “Amen,”
    If you know of somewhere we can voice our outrage about such a change in THE most important holiday (along with Easter) celebrated by all in this country, we would gladly make our voice heard about this. Nancy Magera

  4. If your local post office doesn’t have any of the religious Christmas stamps, go to and order them. Currently there are four CHRISTmas stamps from previous years available along with some other items such as matching cards. Go to postal store stamps by theme holiday. There is a small handling fee but the stamps will be delivered to you at home.

  5. This is awful, but not surprising! I for one, will definitely be asking the PO for religious-oriented stamps.
    As always thank you for doing such a great job at keeping us informed. I’m sure I would not have known about this unless for your newsletters.

  6. Of course, we definitely need Christmas stamps issued by our beloved USA Post Office
    to celebrate the Christmas season. This is a Christian-Judeo country which we are perilously
    close to losing to secularism like the countries of Europe. Our founders are turning over in their graves in disgust.

  7. Calm down everyone! I was just at the post office and purchased two different religious Christmas stamps (Holy Family and Virgin & Child). They are the same Christmas stamps that were sold last year (it appears they were issued in 2013). There was even a poster on the wall advertising all the Christmas stamps–religious and non-religious. Let’s get our facts straight before we get so upset!

  8. I have to agree with K. Adams – I purchased my Christmas Stamps 10 days ago.
    I got one of 1 of the Joseph leading pregnant Mary on a camel in an orange sunset and the other of the Christmas Madonna.

    I’m pretty sure they are offering them still so you may want to do a little more research before leaving this article up.

  9. I know this is old but these religious nutcases that want to change history for their agendas make me laugh,

    1. The USA is not a Christian-Judeo country. It was founded on freedom of religion.
    2. The U.S. Postal Service is a government run agency and should follow separation of religion and state.
    3. The U.S. Postal Service should print stamps for every religion if it wants to print religious themed stamps.

    Here is the kicker:
    4. There is no war on Christians. Christianity has not been cleared illegal. Christianity has not been declared a mental illness. Christians are not being forced into conversion therapy to make them non Christians.

    People wanting true freedom of religion which this country was founded on is not a war on Christians.
    People wanting true freedom of religion which this country was founded on is not persecuting Christians.

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