Pastor: Courageous Fight for Religious Liberty Despite Threats of Jail, Fines and Religious Opposition

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Pastor Che Ahn immigrated with his parents as refuges from North Korea.

They fled the socialism/communism that was oppressing Christians.

As a pastor in California, he saw persecution happening here in America and stood up against it.

California outlawed all church services – inside and out – outlawed ministries, even home fellowship.

So Pastor Che Ahn stood up for all Christians and opened his church for services.

He was threatened with jail.

He was threatened with fines that could total well over $1 million dollars.

People within the local community called the police on him for opening his church to indoor services.

Worse, anyone who attended was also threatened with jail and fines.

But he stood firm.

He would not compromise the Gospel.

He would not succumb to incredible pressure to ignore First Amendment rights.

We have been following and talking about Pastor Che Ahn in his fight against California’s oppressive laws shutting down the church.

As you know, we have written about and asked you to pray and support pastors such as Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, John McArthur of Grace Community Church, Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel, and many others, including Pastor Ken Graves of Calvary Chapel Bangor, Maine and Pastor Mike McClure of Calvary Chapel San Jose.

My wife and I even flew out to Pastor Jack’s and Pastor Rob’s church openings – experiencing the fear, tensions and intimidation.

From Pentecost Sunday of last year, Pastor Che Ahn’s church has been open.

Currently, 33 states have no restrictions on worship and assembly.

12 states have some restrictions. 5 states are still oppressively and unconstitutionally oppressing the church and Christian assembly.

California is the worst.

This pastor is one of hundreds of pastors who did not succumb to fear and coercion.

He stood firm for you and me to be able to have the freedom of worship and his fellowship.

Here is a powerful video about why he stood firm, what he faced, and what is happening to him now.

It is about 30 minutes. Click HERE to view it.

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3 Comments on “Pastor: Courageous Fight for Religious Liberty Despite Threats of Jail, Fines and Religious Opposition”

  1. Thank You LORD for helping this man be strong and courageous in Your name. May Your name be lifted high and may you receive the Glory as King of Kings.

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