ISIS Continues Christian Genocide [video and petition]

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ISIS continues to target and slaughter Christians.

In a videos ISIS released last week, they threatened to kill 200 Christians if they do not get a ransom of $50,000 for each person.

The video shows three ISIS members as they shoot three Christians in the head. It then shows three more Christians kneeling in the same position for execution, and one of them says the same will happen to them if they are not ransomed.

ISIS has demanded a total of $10 million for the 250 Assyrians they’ve abducted.

They may be about to execute these Christians, as ransom negotiations failed.

They are also using churches as torture chambers. They torture Christians into converting to Islam inside churches that they’ve captured.

The evil brutality of ISIS knows no end. In August, they crucified 7 Christian missionaries after the missionaries refused to renounce Christ.

And they asked two Christian missionary women to renounce Christ as well – when the women didn’t comply, the jihadists publicly raped them. They then beheaded these women and six other men.

ISIS has a “school of death,” where they behead all the men that they’ve captured and sell young girls to be sex slaves.

ISIS has forced thousands of women and children into sex slavery.

Many families have lost all of their children.

ISIS is perpetrating the worst kinds of brutalities and evil.

Christian leaders in Syria are begging the West to stop this evil and are calling the crisis one of “biblical proportions.” The crisis is not lessening; it’s increasing. ISIS is a ravenous wolf, and there is only more killings, more hostages, more trafficking, more brutality – “a struggle with no end in sight.”

All the Christian communities in northern Iraq have been decimated.

It’s a Christian genocide.

Franklin Graham says: “It is genocide – and the world seems largely silent about it. Genocide perpetrated by the Islamic State against Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities of Syria and Iraq. And their methods are unimaginably cruel and heinous. Just a few days ago it was revealed that three Assyrian Christians were executed on September 23, which is the Muslim ‘Feast of Sacrifice’….”

“Why were they killed? For refusing to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ. Eyewitnesses said that ISIS militants crucified a 12 year old Christian boy and his Syrian missionary father… They cut off the boy’s fingertips to try to get his father to convert to Islam. They left their bodies hanging on the crosses for two days under signs reading ‘infidels.’”

Remember the persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Pray for them.

And take action.

You can sign our petition to stop this vicious slaughter, here.

And, you can help our efforts by donating here.

Watch this video put together by the ministry In Defense of Christians:

4 Comments on “ISIS Continues Christian Genocide [video and petition]”

  1. Pain, suffering, & death are miserable no matter how it happens! If you really want to stop them then you need to have another Crusade using all our weapons & troops against them, even if it is Nukes. But on the other side, what an honor, & privilege to suffer, be persecuted & martyred for the Great God Almighty & HIS Christ. This is the final generation; did you think there would be no cost? It’s coming soon to America & the whole world. The important question is are you living worthy & holy enough to escape all the things that are coming on the earth Luke 21:25-36? Prophet Rick

  2. Why did we overthrow Saddam Hussein? Iraq is even worse now. I don’t know why we thought back in 2003 that invading Iraq would make it into a Christian country.

  3. Saddam was not any less evil than IS. He probably would have joined them like the other groups have. He was after nuclear weaponry.
    Iraq is a mess because this Admin pulled out before our commitment was completed no matter what they tell you. They are fixated on eliminating the middle class, reducing us to a 3rd world country, destroying our economy. They have broken so many laws of our Constitution.

    Saddam was eliminated because he was a mass murderer. He was a primitive, evil animal. He used gas on his own and the Kurds. There were weapons of mass destruction. NYT had an article that finally admittedly covered that fact.


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