False Gospel: Liberal Ministers Speak Erroneously for the Body of Christ

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Almost 3,000 liberal “social gospel” cult and occult ministers marched against Trump and White Supremacy in Washington D.C.

The demonstration drew many more participants than originally anticipated, as it was called “One Thousand Ministers March for Justice.”

Protesters openly called for the impeachment of the President. One protester carried a sign that said, “Repeal and Replace Trump Pence.”

The march was organized by Reverend Al Sharpton of the National Action Network. Of the event, Sharpton said, “We wanted to say this nation is in moral trouble.”

On that, we can all agree.

But on the details…Christians disagree.

The march articulated a gospel that is not the one preached by Jesus, which teaches us that the crux of our faith is our personal relationship to God, not a progressive social agenda.

The social gospel teaches:

  • Individual salvation is secondary to cultural and social reform
  • Sin is the fault of society, not the individual
  • Individuals cannot leave a life of sin until they are freed from the socioeconomic situation that drove them into sin in the first place

The social gospel is an ideology that believes salvation is through social reform, not exclusively personal conversion.

Reverend Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners magazine and social justice organization, called the demonstration “theological” because “the soul of the nation and the integrity of faith” were at stake over racial issues. But the protesters who marched focused primarily on progressive social issues and socialism.

Sister Patricia Chappell, executive director of Pax Christi USA, protested white supremacy but said, as a black Catholic nun, she believes “even our institutional church is racist.”

Reverend Jamal-Harrison Bryant, an African Methodist Episcopal pastor from Baltimore, criticized evangelical ministers who support President Trump, as they “declare erroneously an outright lie- that Donald Trump is a man of God.”

Rev. Bryant claimed that the opinions of those who support Trump “do not reflect the body of Christ at large.”

Many of the protesters were not even Christians, as the march included Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and the occult.

The liberal media would like to give the impression that people of faith are united across a progressive, liberal approach to politics and social issues.

Let’s not allow one march to speak for us as Christians. We must speak out and stand for our beliefs, or the liberal media will speak for us.

Remember the words of Jesus, who said,

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” (Matthew 5:14-15)

My prayer is that the authentic body of Christ will speak out and stand up for the gospel.

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One Comment on “False Gospel: Liberal Ministers Speak Erroneously for the Body of Christ”

  1. There should have been thousands of real Christians there lovingly holding signs letting the world know that those engaging in such godless activities ‘in the name of Christ’ were in fact acting in direct opposition to Christ.

    When we do not take action to oppose those misrepresenting Christ and other evildoers to the extent possible, we are complicit in their actions. Any pastor or priest in America not speaking from the pulpit about our biblical responsibility to represent Christ in society and government, in ways that include opposing evildoers, should not be in the pulpit.

    We must lovingly not tolerate our church leadership editing the Bible to exclude our obligation to represent Christ in society and government – because to tolerate is to be complicit. Lovingly and privately meet with your church leadership to remind them of their obligation to call for representation of Christ in government. Make sure they acknowledge that anti-biblical systems of government like socialism, and global-governance that compromises national sovereignty, are among the things Christians should oppose when representing Christ in government.

    Also, ask your churcl leadership to call for prayer for our local, county, state police along with the Cost Guard, military, and the like, for putting their lives on the line in service to America.

    Local police officers are being demonized by well funded neo-Marxist groups ultimately desiring to catalyze voilent revolution and nationalize all local law enforcement – and this must be peacefully opposed by supporting our local police. Consider conducting a “SUPPORT OUR POLICE” rally in front of Police Stations. Not that there’s not a few bad-apples amongst the thousands of police officers, but that those few bad-apples will not be used by ‘Marxist change-agents’ to catalyze change through violence away from our Judeo/Christian-based constitutional republic system of government.

    We must fear and love God more than we fear being ostracized by our church leadership or evildoers in society and government.

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