Ex-Muslims: Accepting Christ is Dangerous

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Former Muslims, Now Christians (Credit: Pinterest)

Muslims fleeing the Middle East are finding in Europe a new faith and life in Christ.

But in the Muslim world, the punishments for apostasy (leaving Islam) are great, and often fatal. Islam is more than a religion, but an ideology which permeates every aspect of one’s life. A Muslim who renounces Islam is viewed as a traitor to his nation and family, too.

Because of their conversions, former Muslims even in Europe fear for their lives, and the safety of their families in the home countries.  They do not practice their faith openly, as they fear reprisal.

In Italy, they call these new coverts “ghost Christians”. In Britain, Christian communities have created half-way houses to protect these new believes in Jesus.

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One Comment on “Ex-Muslims: Accepting Christ is Dangerous”

  1. Over 650 Muslims an hour are leaving Islam. Most of them are becoming Christians, and Africa is seeing the most defections from Islam. The only reason Islam is not a footnote in world history is because they kill anyone leaving Islam.

    All three statements above ARE MADE BY MUSLIM LEADERS. They are in a panic to stop the flow, and I predict Muslim leaders will soon cut a deal with Pope Francis to be accepted as Christians. They will make some sorry concession to convince the Pope to sucker into the deal.

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