Christians and the 2016 Election: 7 Surprising Things You Should Know

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The Left and the Progressive Democrats cannot believe the size and power of the Christian vote in the GOP primaries, or how most candidates proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior … yes, proclaim it!

80% of the GOP Presidential candidates are born again, or Evangelical Christians.

Here are seven things you should know:

  1. The Evangelical is helping … not hurting Donald Trump: The Evangelic vote helped Ted Cruz win in Iowa, but helped Trump win in New Hampshire, and increased his margin of victory in South Carolina. 62% of all voters in South Carolina were Evangelicals. Here is how they voted:
  2. 33% for Trump
  3. 27% for Cruz
  4. 22% for Rubio

Trump and Rubio hit Cruz hard when they publicly—and unfairly—called him a “liar”.

The major Evangelical effort has been with Ted Cruz:

  1. His outreach has been particularly targeted toward to the sleeping Church. His policies are clear (see Ted Cruz on Presidential Central for details). Specific, powerful ways to turn America around and to make it a better, more prosperous, more free country … and to protect the unborn and religious liberty.

But his critics say that he will create a “theocracy”—False! And here is his answer … a dramatic declaration of his personal faith in Jesus Christ … and what he wants to do. Must see video – about five minutes.

  1. Public prayer!

Rubio prays. A Christian leader should be a man of prayer … Unashamed. Watch Marco Rubio confronted with an emergency praying for this person. Click here.

  1. The candidates on Israel.

Most Christians have the protection of Israel as one of their top issues. Make like Cruz, Rubio, and Carson want to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem—which the United States should. They solidly stand with Israel.

But not all the candidates are strong. I was very disappointed in Donald Trump who said that he would stay neutral over the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East. Cruz has affirmed his pro-Israel stance, as have Dr. Ben Carson and Marco Rubio.

  1. Trump on the Silencing of Pastors and the Church Because of Tax Exemption Status

As the US Senate Majority Leader in 1957, Lyndon Johnson tucked an amendment through Congress to silence Christians and pastoral critics. How?  By empowering the IRS to take away a church’s tax exemption status if they became “political”.

And it worked. It silenced the pastors from being the salt and light in the country, as they had been in the past.

Cruz and Carson want to abolish the Johnson Amendment. And now so does Trump. Here is a video of Trump saying “I want to give power back to the church.” Watch here.

  1. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton compete at Evangelical Churches

Bernie Sanders is an agnostic who opposes religious liberty.

Clinton is pro-abortion, anti-religious liberty and uses Scripture to promote her views.

They both have been speaking at churches everywhere.

They both want the Christian vote, and have been speaking at “faith” outreach programs.

  1. Christian Leaders’ Presidential Choices

Every month one hundred top Evangelical leaders vote on their favorite Presidential candidate.

The latest results are here:

Rubio: 50%

Cruz: 30%

Jeb Bush: 5% [Before they dropped out]

Carly Fiorina: 5% [Before they dropped out]

Let your voice be heard, too! Vote here in our presidential poll! Click here.

What do you think? How do you think Evangelical voters will turn out in the primaries to come?

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4 Comments on “Christians and the 2016 Election: 7 Surprising Things You Should Know”

  1. Why not report Trump’s reiterating that he doesn’t regret saying that he has never asked God for forgiveness & that he is a good man & tries to be good? Also the way that he totally bashed Carson when he said of his testimony of God changing him, that he came out religious. It doesn’t work that way. So he portrays himself as a Christian but bashes the central idea of Christian faith that God changes sinners?

    & your defense of Cruz is rather sad. I’m sad that he had campaign people who had a reputation of being dirty winners. So he sent out the sleazy mailer. Then his campaign spread the illogical lie, embellishing on what CNN had said to say Carson was dropping out.

    That is NOT the way Christians who care about their faith act–spreading illogical rumors w out checking them out. That is a form of gossip for personal benefit & harm to the other party! & they continued to spread that in the caucuses AFTER they had been informed it wasn’t true.

    But really. What candidate who has been actively campaigning to overflow crowds & who has been a top tier candidate decides BEFORE a vote to drop out? That’s right no one! The low polling ones decided to drop out AFTER.

    But of the candidates, I see Ben Carson acting out on his Christian principles in the way he conducts his campaign. & on his FB page & what he himself says about his campaign, it is so faith filled. He has said that God led him into the race & so he will continue to walk thru the doors as long as they are open, all the way to the WH. Doesn’t mean he is arrogantly assuming he will win, but he is following that way as long as the doors are open. & right now, the delegate count–which is what counts–is wide open. I guess the NV caucuses will be starting soon, so praying for the outcome there.

    You didn’t say which candidates made up the % you gave. I know that of course Carson, Cruz & Rubio are believers. Trump by his own words does not seem to understand God’s standards. Don’t know about Kasich.

    btw, quite a few years ago–while the Clintons were in the WH–I knew some people at a church who had known Hillary in HS. 1 was in her graduating class & was invited to a class reunion at the WH. & they received Christmas cards from the Clintons. They said that Hillary had been in the Christian club in HS. So guessing she has heard the truth, but sadly more & more seeking the approval of men & turning further from God.

  2. You should read all of Dr. Ben Carson’s solutions, he is really the true Christian
    candidate. Cruz has lied about Dr. Carson and some other people as well. You
    need to look at their lives as well as their words.

  3. For the last 28 years our nation has dealt with criminal acts of various kinds by the last four elected presidents. During that time there has been a homogenization of the two major political parties leading to what is now called the “establishment”. As a result, the American people are not being served as the Constitution and Bill of Rights calls for. Instead there has arisen a “One-Party” system. (Those of us who live in California are well-familiar with it.)

    Despite all Donald Trump’s failings, the one thing that is quite clear is that he is anti-establishment.

    I am voting for him is because what our nation needs more than anything else is someone who knows how the game is played but shows no interest in being a part of it. I want a president who knows how to, “fight fire with fire”. Yes, he is deemed a demagogue by some Christian leaders, but I am willing to overlook that if he can do just some of the things he feels he can do.

    So. let’s put away our puritan attitudes because we are literally in a fight for our lives. My decision is being made on the basis of what kind of a nation do I want to leave my children and grandchildren.

    When your country has a current deficit of 20 trillion dollars and over 200 trillion dollars unfunded liabilities, you are leaving your loved ones with a burden that is impossible to overcome under our current economic system.

    We as a nation have allowed our elected representatives to basically have free reign in Washington, D.C. They have turned it into a cesspool of corruption and occult practices.

    If a man with a proven track record in business is willing to take on the “Herculean” task set before him and knowing it is God who raises our leaders, I say, “Let him have at it” and may God have His hand over him the next four years.

  4. Right on Hal! If you study Trump he is a fiscal conservative, wants to make America Great Again and also has an open heart. I don’t buy that he will not help Israel if things get hairy at all and I love that he would want to get rid of the prohibition on “free speech” from the pulpit!

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