A Huge Victory for Religious Liberty

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Of great consequence to Christians nationwide, Christians and religious freedom won.

And it won over massive opposition financially and politically.

The election took place in Houston, on a “human rights” or “equality” bill – something that is being passed by city councils nationwide.

This measure, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), would create protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity. These protections would violate Christians’ civil rights and religious liberty, destroy Christian business owners, create bathroom privacy problems, and more.

Houston has been battling over this legislation for months now.

Originally, the Houston city council passed this ordinance not expecting Christians to notice. But they did. In fact, citizens of Houston gathered 55,000 signatures to put this measure on the ballot. They overwhelmed the minimum requirement of 17,269 signatures.

But the city of Houston refused to put the measure on the ballot – claiming that only 15,000 signatures were valid.

Houston pastors then rallied and filed a lawsuit against the city of Houston. During this time, Houston’s attorney general subpoenaed the pastors’ sermons and communications.

And, this summer, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the city must put the ordinance on the ballot or strike it down completely.

The left raised funds and support nationally. Politicians like Hillary and companies like Apple – millions were spent. The left’s political tactics – the most advanced strategies to win elections – were used.

But with all their efforts, they could not overcome the pastors calling on the church members to vote.

The people’s verdict: The citizens overwhelmingly voted the measure down.

Praise God for this victory in Houston.

And this is an example of how we can win if the pastors speak up.

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6 Comments on “A Huge Victory for Religious Liberty”

  1. Praise God for this victory! We all must take a firm STAND & join all brothers & sisters in Christ to defeat un-Christlike measures in constant prayer!!

  2. Psalm 94 says, “Who will stand up with me against the evildoers? Who will take a stand for me against those who do wickedness?”

    God needs us to raise our voice and to not be silent against the wickedness coming from Washington.

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