The #1 Reason to Vote for President in Election 2016 (Even if You Hate Your Choices) [Poll]

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The #1 Reason to Vote for President in Election 2016 (Even if You Hate Your Choices) [Poll

What’s your #1 issue for the 2016 Election?

Among the many choices, one stands out above all the others:

The Supreme Court

Unelected judges are transforming America for the worse.

The Court may currently face a 4-4 split, but swing vote Justice Kennedy—and possible some of the other members–cannot be trusted. He can swing to the left and join the other liberal judicial activists at any time.

Hillary Clinton has pledged only to appoint liberal, judicial activists who will promote assaults on religious liberty, destroy laws relating to restrict abortion, and more.

Donald Trump has already presented a list of sterling strict constructionists to appoint to the Supreme Court. These judges will support the Constitution, allow states to restrict abortion, possibly overturn Roe v. Wade, protect religious liberty, the Second Amendment, and more.

As for Gary Johnson and William Weld …

The VP candidate has indicated that they would appoint justices like the liberal Stephen Breyer and Merrick Garland, a candidate nominated by President Obama to replace Justice Scalia, but blocked by the U.S. Senate.

Theoretically, a Johnson-Weld administration would appoint limited government strict constructionists, but there is no guarantee, since the part has caved on defending religious liberty, life, and state sovereignty.

This election matters. The next President could appoint as many as two to four justices to the Supreme Court. Those justices will have an impact on this country greater than Congress or the President. Their decisions could ruin this country for a generation and undermine our constitution!

Elections have consequences. Not voting has consequences. Voting in protest because you don’t like something about a candidate has consequences, too.

Please vote for the Presidential candidate of your choice here.

Tell me what you think? What is your main issue for this election? Email me at

8 Comments on “The #1 Reason to Vote for President in Election 2016 (Even if You Hate Your Choices) [Poll]”

  1. You are absolutely correct, Craig. We have several conservative Evangelical friends that say they will not vote in this election because they don’t like the choices. Like you, we are trying to convince them that Trump will appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices, which is far more important than any other issue since these justices will serve for many more years than any president. I believe the president also has the authority to appoint federal judges, and there are 458 of them as well. The future of our country hinges on the decisions these judges make, and if Hillary is elected, we know that she will appoint liberal judges who will destroy our 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, pro-life, and other moral issues. We need every vote to get Trump in office. So if you don’t like him, hold your nose and vote for him anyway–the Supreme Court needs him.

  2. It was easy for me to decide who to vote for president. I am tired of 16 years of war. Trump wants peace. Hillary, because of types of donors she has accepted money from is bound to the military-industrial complex (meaning more wars) . Trump wants to maintain the sovereignty of our nation; Hillary opts for a One World order. Trump wants to break up NAFTA; Hillary not only wants to expand it, she opts for the TPP which is even worse for the tax-payers of our nation. Trump wants vetting for those entering our country; Hillary has no regard for our sovereignty and prefers open borders. Trump understands the importance of the 2nd Amendment; Hillary wants to get rid of it. The Constitution will be upheld by Trump; Hillary will use it as a door mat.

    Hillary Clinton suffers from cognitive impairment which can develop into dementia. She is not a well person who can handle the pressure of the White House. He wayward husband will also keep her off balance.

  3. Instead of looking for the worst in the candidates, ask yourself who best mimics the values of our God of the bible, and vote for that person. In my research, I believe Trump is the closest. I don’t know if Trump is a believer or not. God has used non believing people for his purposes throughout time. He referred to Cyrus, king of Persia, as His shepherd and annointed one. Cyrus was not a believer but he let people have a voice. He allowed them to believe in their god. Hillary is a globalist. To her it’s about money and power. This is the goal of all globalists. I believe Trump loves America, the Constitution, and believes in borders, and more. Trump is not a globalist. God encourages walls, Psalm 51:18; 122:7. But remember, we are all flawed.

  4. I will do my duty and vote for Mr. Trump. We all need to uphold him and all other politicians in prayer. But, I put my faith and trust in The One and Only True God for the outcome of this election even if it doesn’t go how I might want. God is supreme above ANY of the candidates, His will be done to bring about His plans from here to the end of life on this earth. If you are a true christian believer, don’t let your faith fail even in this chaotic election year. Gods ways are not our ways. So, continue trusting Him no matter what happens, trust not in the thoughts and ways of any human being.

  5. You wanted to know who we’d vote for President. You wanted details but have not told us what information will be published. If you are going to publish email and other information, I’ll have to get a separate email for political matters so that my regular email doesn’t get flooded with crap from some people..

    I agree that we don’t really have an option to the Trump/Pence ticket. Voting for anyone other than Trump is voting for Hilary. Not voting at all, is also voting for Hilary. I have no personal dislike for Hilary, but I believe some of her policies pose a great danger for the morality and the good of the country.

    Trump has big character flaws, but I hope he is learning form what’s happening to his ratings and stops being an overgrown child. Mike Pence is solid. We have to pray that God knocks sense into Trumps thick head.

    1. When we publish people’s responses, we publish their first name and the first initial of their last name.

      Nothing else. We do not release the contact information of our readers to the public.

      Thanks for getting in touch with us!

  6. I totally agree with your article and conclusions, Craig. As I’ve said before, most level-headed citizens are mainly voting AGAINST Hillary rather than FOR Trump. He is a sort of “loose cannon” but he’s a HECK OF A LOT BETTER than Lying/Crooked Hillary. Maybe this is the time in history when we need a “junkyard dog” who will get things done, rather than “talk, talk, talk” which is what we have been getting for far too long. Remember, the President has to work with the Congress to get legislation passed. The need to replace Justice Scalia with a strict Constitutionalist is absolutely vital. What is really suspicious to me is why wasn’t there an autopsy done after Justice Scalia died?? That should have been MANDATORY. Thanks Craig and staff.

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